Khabib Nurmagomedov hits back at Conor McGregor following social media insults

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

It was obvious from the get-go that Conor McGregor was going to stay entirely silent following his fourth-round loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

The Eagle managed to retain his lightweight championship following a fiery build-up which didn't take too long to become personal.

UFC 229

In the end, the dangerous and unbeaten Dagestani locked in a neck crank which left the Irishman submitting and then what followed is what dominated the headlines.

The post-fight melee is what's keeping both men out of the Octagon for now, but McGregor reignited his feuds with both Khabib and Paulie Malignaggi in an Instagram post.

He initially posted: "Let the record show. I like Paulie Malignaggi. Here is a confrontation between us regarding a picture he was upset about. Yes you heard that right. A picture.

"I told him here, to his face ‘Don’t be b*******.’ Common knowledge I would think for a fighting man. Don’t be a b****, b*******. The same thing I said to Khabib at the end of round 3. My round. Don’t be b*******!

"Every single round b******* to the referee. He was even b******* in the fourth round from mount position. It baffled me. If anyone should have been saying anything to the referee, it should have been me in that 1st round. That round he held onto my legs for four minutes straight. With zero activity.

"But a fight is a fight who gives a f***. Crying to the referee like a proper b****. I was trying to dig my fingers into his Adams Apple. Many individuals in the fight business, I have learned lately, are absolute b******.


"I know you’s are broke boys. But don’t be broke b******."

McGregor was famously referencing what he was reportedly caught saying to Khabib, with many assuming he told Khabib that it was only business.

Khabib, however, isn't one to now take things likely and swiftly shot back with a response of his own to shut down the Notorious.

Taking to both his Instagram and his Twitter accounts, Khabib claimed that McGregor must live with the shame of his submission loss forever.

He posted: "You will live with this shame all your life, bi..."

Ever since the outcome, UFC president Dana White has been hinting that a rematch will take place, but based on the comments from most of the fans, it doesn't seem like many are on board with it because of the manner in which McGregor lost.

For now, he's going to have to live with the fact that Nurmagomedov will continue reminding him about how their battle ended.

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