Dean Ambrose subtly saved Renee Young's phone from being lost during WWE Raw


Dean Ambrose has received a lot of praise by fans recently for his work in the WWE and his attention to the finer details in the ring.

Just last week, The Lunatic Fringe was praised by the WWE Universe for selling Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp finisher at a live event for a solid 15 minutes in the middle of the ring after the event had finished.

This past week on Monday Night Raw, a fan captured another brilliant move by Ambrose that largely went unnoticed in the days following the event.

During his Falls Count Anywhere main event match with Rollins, Ambrose was able to retain his Intercontinental Championship with the help of Bobby Lashley.

During the match itself, the Raw announce team's table was broken with Ambrose and Rollins on top of it. Renee Young's phone, however, was still on the broken table as the two fought.

As you can see in the video below, to save the phone from being crushed or knocked off and into the crowd, The Lunatic Fringe flipped the phone in the air to Michael Cole, who then showed it to Renee so that she knew it was safe.

Good and quick reactions by Ambrose to save his wife's phone from being lost! Shoutout to Cole as well for his reaction time to make the all-important catch.

WWE fans loved what Ambrose did too.

Following the conclusion of Raw, WWE has booked a triple threat match between Ambrose, Rollins, and Lashley for the Intercontinental Championship for this week's show.

Despite this upcoming match, it looks like the rivalry between The Architect and The Lunatic Fringe has been put to bed for the time being.

A fan captured Dean Ambrose saving Renee Young's phone from being lost on Raw

Rollins will likely be moving on to feud with Lashley since the latter put the former through a table to end this past week's show.

Meanwhile, the Intercontinental Champion's new challenger will likely be revealed between now and the Royal Rumble at the end of the month.

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