Ronda Rousey explains why facing Sasha Banks is a dream WWE match for her


Last week on Monday Night Raw, WWE booked their Raw Women's Championship match for the Royal Rumble later this month.

After defeating Nia Jax, Sasha Banks booked her spot in a match against Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's title at the Royal Rumble at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona on January 27.

Despite the star power which she brings to this match, for Rousey, it's her dream to face off one-on-one against The Boss in the middle of the ring.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Rowdy spoke about her Royal Rumble opponent, revealing exactly why it is a dream match for her.

The Raw Women's Champion explained being able to face off against Banks could potentially bring the best out of her, as she believes many members of WWE's women's division have had their best matches against her.

She said, via Wrestling Inc: "Everyone always asked me what is my dream match and I always say, Sasha Banks. I think a lot of women have had their best match with Sasha.

"More people in the women's division have had their best matches with Sasha, I think more than anyone else in my opinion. I've always been really excited about the potential she could really bring out of me.

"Up until this point, I didn't think I was ready at the level where I could fully take advantage of the opportunity of being told to have a match with her."

Ronda Rousey explains why facing Sasha Banks is a dream match for her

Rousey continued: "I'm really excited because I'm going to learn so much. I'm just gonna be so much better in the ring for having absorbed everything that I can from her. We're both faces, you don't really get to work with each other.

"I've been able to watch her a lot and be in some tag-team matches with her and try to absorb things that way, but it's different. You learn things different, moving around with somebody."

The Raw Women's Champion will have a chance to learn something from her Royal Rumble opponent tonight on Raw, as the two will team up in a tag team match against Jax and Tamina.

The high praise which Rowdy has for The Boss goes to show just how undervalued she is by the WWE, especially when you take into account her lack of title opportunities throughout last year. Hopefully, the Rumble is the start of change for her WWE booking in 2019.

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