Jermaine Jenas perfectly explains the difference between De Gea and Lloris on MOTD2

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League

David de Gea added yet another goalkeeping masterclass to his collection on Sunday as Manchester United beat Tottenham 1-0 at Wembley.

Marcus Rashford scored the all-important goal for his side in the 44th minute with a tidy finish, but De Gea was the real hero by making no less than 11 saves.

Most of those came in the second half, with Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen all unable to beat the Spaniard.

It could be argued that poor finishing was the reason Spurs didn't score, because a lot of their shots were tame and quite central.

But the reason they looked like poor finishes was because of De Gea, who read each and every situation to make sure his positioning was spot on.

This was a point made by Jermaine Jenas on Match of the Day 2 as the former midfielder perfectly explained the difference between De Gea and Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

De Gea and Lloris faced similar shots from Kane and Rashford during the game, but while De Gea was correctly positioned to make the save, Lloris was out of position and conceded.

"Very fine margins," said Jenas in response to MOTD2 host Mark Chapman. "I actually think Lloris had a good game, he pulled off some vital saves.

"But when you're looking at these two scenarios, they're almost identical. When [Lloris] was running back towards his goal, he's missed exactly where he is.

"He's a bit too far from his near post, whereas you look at De Gea here, he's slightly inside the post. He's reading where Kane's going to hit this ball.

"Some might say it's straight at him, well it's not, he's just in a better position.


"He's inside the post and if you look at Kane's position compared to Rashford's position, you would say it's much more difficult opportunity for Rashford to score that goal.

"But because [Lloris] is so far across, he's opened up that other side for Rashford to hit that ball, whereas De Gea is not only more inside, he's pre-empting where the ball's going to go.

"He knows that he (Kane) wants to shoot across goal. It feels like it's straight at De Gea, but his positioning makes it feel that way. You can see on [Lloris'] face he's disappointed."

Well put, Jermaine. De Gea's positioning and shot-stopping is phenomenal and his performance against Tottenham once again showed why he's the best goalkeeper in the world.

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