Roger Federer and John McEnroe react perfectly to fan deceleration

2019 Australian Open - Day 1

It would be no secret to deter that Roger Federer is one of the most liked sportsmen, particularly in the world of tennis.

The Swiss superstar has been well followed and well supported throughout a long, illustrious and incredibly successful career.

His successes are further proven as he commenced to play in a tournament in which he is the defending champion.

He eased through to the second round of the Australian Open after a straight set win over Denis Istomin.

The current ranked number 99 in the world was demolished at the hands, and racket, of Federer, who cruised through, winning 6-3, 6-4m and 6-4 against the Uzbek.

After the match, the Swiss start received a good ovation from the Australian crowd, as expected.

But one particular supporter went the extra mile during Federer's post-match on-court interview with John McEnroe.

And their reaction was simply brilliant.

During the interview, one fan declared their undying love for the 37-year-old. As McEnroe attempted to ask a simple question, one supporter shouted, “I love you” which was heard above all else.

(Scroll to 2:10 in the below video to see the humour unfold)

Realising, in that split second, the opportunity to produce an incredible bit of witty banter, McEnroe took it.

He responded promptly by saying, “Is that Rafa up there?”, in reference, of course, to Federer’s constant on-court rivalry with Rafael Nadal.

A rivalry that have been watched, admired and endured by both the supporters and players themselves for over 10 years now.

The crowd thus burst into laughter and even left Federer with a beaming smile.

2019 Australian Open - Day 1

A combination - probably - of both his recent victory and timely joke.

The rivalry has been and clearly continues to be embraced by Federer, who could do nothing but laugh at the remark.

For the most part of the interview, Federer focused on the positives of his victory and admitted that it is just good to be back playing tennis.

Federer will come up against British opposition in his quest to retain the Australian Open title in the second round against Dan Evans, who is currently ranked much worse than his previous competitor at 192nd in the world.

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