Braun Strowman takes out his anger on Vince McMahon's limo on WWE Raw


Braun Strowman kicked off this week's Monday Night Raw, but by the end of the segment, he found himself out of his proposed Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble, which caused him to go berserk.

Strowman started this week's Raw by talking about his upcoming match against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Baron Corbin then showed up and said not only will Braun lose to Brock, but he will instead win the Rumble and do something The Monster Among Men will never do, main event WrestleMania.

This infuriated Braun, who went chasing after Corbin, and after a run in with a few other superstars, Braun attacked a limo after Elias told him Corbin was inside of it.

After Braun ripped the door off the limo, Corbin made his escape, and as The Monster Among Men walked away, a furious Vince McMahon appeared as it was his limo that was damaged.

As a result of the damage, Vince fined Strowman $100,000, and due to the further protests from the Raw superstar, he was removed from the Universal title match at the Royal Rumble.

Furiated, The Monster Among Men would then proceed to flip Vince's limo over like he has done to an ambulance and a truck in the past.

Many fans have speculated that the reason why Strowman was removed from the Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble because he's still recovering from elbow surgery he had back in December.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer, via Cageside Seats, this was always supposed to be the case.

They've said Braun was not pulled from the Universal title match at Royal Rumble due to his injury and that changing Lesnar’s opponent “was always the plan."


The true reason as to why Strowman was removed from the match is currently unknown, but as of writing, it appears to be just for storyline purposes.

Instead of The Monster Among Men, The Beast will now put his Universal Championship on the line against Finn Balor at the Rumble after he defeated John Cena, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin in the main event of this week's Raw to win the title shot.

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