Andrew Robertson has become a player Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool can't live without

And to think he was only £8million

After a tremendous first season with Liverpool, where he was an integral component towards his team reaching the UEFA Champions League final, Andrew Robertson has continued his remarkable form into this campaign.

Indeed, the man who cost just £8 million from Hull City has been exceptional yet again, as he's honed his craft further. A marvelous embodiment of Jurgen Klopp's philosophy, he sets a glowing example for his teammates to follow with his actions, unwavering dedication and how he keeps going no matter what.

Recently named Scotland captain by Alex McLeish, Klopp believes Robertson has what it takes to lead the Reds one day too. "Andy is a fantastic fella, he’s very smart and can definitely be a leader for the future,” he said. "He has made big steps in the last two years since we’ve worked together and really big steps in the last four or five years, since he started his career properly.

“It’s a really nice story and he’s now the Braveheart for Scotland. He can handle the responsibility of being captain. He’s still young but he’s already a leader and he’ll be even better in the future.”

Clearly relishing playing under the German's expert tutelage, Robertson is now unquestionably one of the premier left-backs in world football, as he offers so much on both sides of the ball.

An absolutely tremendous attacking force, Robertson's impact is always keenly felt in this regard. His blistering runs are a great place to start, for they add vital width and depth to Liverpool's attacks as they effectively stretch opposition backlines both vertically and horizontally. Timed and directed with customary precision, his bursts are so hard to track for his markers.



He often instigates his runs on the blindside of his tracker, which usually ensures he has a dynamic advantage over his more awkwardly oriented marker to increase his chances of latching onto passes, and this only amplifies his threat.





When the conditions aren't there for him to surge ahead, he'll crucially hold his post and ensure structural security in case a turnover occurs.



Coalescing brilliantly with his mates, he does a fine job of positioning himself in ideal locations, in triangular and diamond shapes, to generate numerical and positional superiorities to bypass the opposition in wide areas.

Supplementing that with his exceptional passing, Robertson plays a key role in orchestrating, connecting and animating the Reds' forward forays. Competent at playing exact passes into the feet of his attackers, his vertical passes are hit with ideal weighting to break the lines and to be controlled comfortably.



Always scanning for outlets and receiving with his head up, his vision and awareness of where his potential recipients are in relation to him, the opposition and his teammates have been essential elements towards his passing quality.

Being such an attackingly geared left-back, Robertson's dribbling notably serves him well and creates additional menace. Relishing every opportunity to drive at his direct opponent in 1v1 situations, his combination of whirring speed, sharp ball control and skills to unbalance his man ensure he frequently outfoxes his adversary.



Meanwhile, on the defensive end, he exhibits a similarly hearty appetite when undertaking his duties, as he defends with unyielding authority and dedication. Fierce in applying his interventions, the fearless 24-year-old never takes a backwards step if he believes he can nip in and win back possession.

Responding swiftly to pressing triggers, his anticipation of the next pass is exemplary, for he's clearly given licence to leave his man and press vigorously by Klopp, as there's been countless occasions when he's sprung into life in Liverpool's offensive third and in midfield areas.



Full of intensity, physicality and pace, his pressing is a real feature of his armoury, as he angles his harrying efforts nicely to use his cover shadow to block passing lanes behind him while still pressing with ferocity to heap duress on his targets.

Although there's inherent risk attached to this and he has been caught out at times, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives, as he's won the ball back on plentiful occasions high up so Liverpool can attack again against unset defences.

When he's not chasing down foes, Robertson's displayed a sound positional sense too. Constantly checking across his defensive line, he's shifted over well when the ball is on the far side to maintain compactness, pushed up and dropped back in unison with his partners, plus exercised brilliant judgement to vacate his post to support a colleague if need be.


Blessed with scintillating pace, his ability to cover any blown marking assignments, sprint back in transition and track his runners has seen him swiftly get back or jet across to subdue any potentially dangerous opposition attacks.

Concentrating intently while surveying his surroundings, he remains awake to the happenings around him, something that's been pivotal towards him never giving his opponents an easy touch.

Well aware he still needs to be improve in all areas, especially defensively, the combative yet intelligent Scot has parlayed athleticism, physicality, technique and nous quite brilliantly in both phases of the game.

By the numbers, his 4.14 interceptions per game, 3.4 tackles pg, 5.9 ball recoveries pg, seven loose ball pick ups pg, 1.59 won aerial duels pg, 2.11 progressive runs pg, 1.77 touches inside the box pg, 1.15 shot assists pg, two key passes pg, 1.5 successful crosses pg and 1.78 dribbles pg punctuate the Kop hero's tremendous output in all aspects.

All in all, it's incredible to think just how good the relentless Robertson already is and he's still just 24. Never one to rest on his laurels, expect his upward trajectory to continue with time, as Robertson looks destined to be a star for many years to come at Anfield.