Gareth Bale's Real Madrid future faces complications due to Brexit

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The Premier League promises to be shaken up if a ‘no deal’ Brexit takes place on March 29.

European players heading to the top flight would be subject to the same work permit requirements that players from outside the continent currently have to comply with.

Miles Jacobson, the director of Football Manager, has predicted a drop in quality in the Premier League should a ‘no deal’ Brexit happen.

“If we do end up at the stage where 25 per cent of players can't get work permits, the long term effect of that would be that the quality of the league would drop, the TV money would drop, and that would be bad for UK plc and tax revenue," he said on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show last year, per JOE.

But it’s not just players coming to England who would be affected.

An estimated 800,000 British citizens live elsewhere in the EU and they could lose their right to work there should Britain exit without a deal - and that includes Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.

ESPN’s Dermot Corrigan has penned a detailed report explaining how Bale’s future at the Spanish club would be “plunged into doubt” by a ‘no deal’ Brexit taking place on March 29.

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'No deal' Brexit will affect Bale

ESPN were told by the British Embassy in Madrid that the Withdrawal Agreement drawn up in November 2018 would allow British nationals to continue living in the EU.

But there are still doubts over whether that deal will be ratified by the British Parliament, the situation becoming even more uncertain following Prime Minister Theresa May’s historic defeat on Tuesday.

Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has told ESPN that he and his client are “hopeful” an agreement can be reached, although he acknowledged that it was “impossible to plan” right now.

The Welsh forward is one of approximately 300,000 UK nationals currently living in Spain and embassy officials in Madrid have warned that without any protections, they would need permission to continue staying there.

Kashima Antlers v Real Madrid CF - FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2018

As things stand, all UK citizens would need to apply for a work permit to continue working in Spain in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Corrigan took to Twitter to expand upon the story even further, claiming that “as things stand, Bale can’t play for Real Madrid from next April 1”.

It was pointed out to the journalist that the 29-year-old shouldn’t face any problems getting a work permit because he’s been in Spain since 2013 and is among the highest contributors in income tax.

“Don't doubt he would get it in the end - but would have to apply and then go thru a new admin process,” Corrigan responded.

Real Madrid didn’t respond to ESPN when they asked if a plan was in place to deal with Bale’s future being affected by a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

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