Daniel Bryan was humiliated after being covered in mustard during AJ Styles brawl on SmackDown

Daniel Bryan

The feud on SmackDown between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles is heating up on a weekly basis, and is likely to culminate at the Royal Rumble when the two lock horns once again.

The evolution of Bryan's character from full-on babyface to environmentalist, hard-hitting heel has been a joy to behold, and a shift in dynamic that was much-needed as he was quite frankly growing stagnant as a 'good guy'.

It looked like we were going to get a response from AJ this week after Bryan's promo the episode prior about the consumerism of the WWE Universe - remember the WWE Champion mocked the fans and called them unhealthy and impotent.

After having a strange staredown with Asuka of all people, Styles decided to make his way to the concessions stand in the arena concourse, which is where Bryan started his rant last week.

And as AJ was throwing out free merchandise for his fans, a hooded figure fought his way through the crowd and landed an actual punch to the face of The Phenomenal One.

It wasn't any random fan though - it was Bryan.

After a short brawl, Styles got the better of his Royal Rumble opponent, and slammed him through a table.

But what was more humiliating for Bryan was the fact that he was covered in mustard that had tipped over.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles brawl on the concourse of the arena on SmackDown.

We have no idea if it was supposed to happen but plenty of people commented on the spot on social media.

There's speculation that the one-on-one at the Rumble in less than two weeks could be turned into a stipulation match, and it would probably be the right way to go considering they've already had a pay-per-view regular singles match.

With an already stacked card heading into arguably the second-biggest pay-per-view of the entire calendar, there will be no doubt that both AJ and Bryan will try and steal the show - it's just what they do.

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