Michael Bisping hopes Jon Jones 'stays clean' after UFC 232 drug tests come back negative

Michael Bisping

It's been nearly three weeks now since Jon Jones laid the ghost of Alexander Gustafsson to rest at UFC 232 once and for all, but the thoughts and feelings of many about his drug tests still rumble on.

There's been much controversy surrounding the bout, with it being moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on six days notice due to NSAC not licensing Jones to fight, owing to a trace of a prohibited substance still in his system from his last positive test.

That was the official line from the UFC, but others believe they were covering for Jones as they couldn't afford to lose him again at such short notice.

When it comes to speaking the 'truth' though, Michael Bisiping never tows the company line.

Jones seemingly has beef with the former Middleweight champion for his line of questioning when acting as a pundit for FOX Sports.

Bisping questioned 'Bones' about if he was at risk of testing positive again for Turinabol, something which Jones avoided answering.

Jones was not happy that Bisping was knocking about before-and-after his fight with Gustafsson, and it still seems that 'The Count' is suspicious when it comes to the whole situation, and Jones officially passing his tests on the night of the bout.

Former Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has weighed-in on Jon Jones' negative drug tests.

“That was the narrative going into this fight: ‘Listen, this is remnants, it was leftover from whenever it was.’ But the point of the matter is that Jeff Novitzky [VP of Athlete Health and Performance for UFC] was saying, everyone was saying this could be in his system for a long, long time and then, lo and behold, he tests clean,” Bisping stated on his official podcast 'Believe You Me', per MMAMania.

"“I’m glad he tested clean, I really am," Bisping continued.

"I hope he continues to do so. I hope he stays clean. I don’t hope he passes his tests and gets away with it. They’re two very different things.

"I don’t hope he gets away with it. I hope he’s competing on a level playing field and we get to see the best Jon Jones that we can.”

Jones is scheduled to defend his Light heavyweight championship at UFC 235 against number-three ranked contender Anthony Smith - and whether Bisping is there in a broadcaster role remains to be seen.

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