Darren Till thinks Colby Covington is afraid to fight Tyron Woodley for UFC Welterweight title

Darren Till

Four months ago, Liverpool fighter Darren Till was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he challenged Tyron Woodley for his UFC Welterweight title.

Unbeaten throughout his whole professional MMA career, including a six-fight unbeaten UFC streak, 'The Gorilla' had the weight of the world on his shoulders as he made his way to the States.

Till failed to land any blows against Woodley though, and was subsequently tapped out in the second round in Dallas to a D'Arce choke.

So it's been back to the drawing board, and after a potential fight with Jorge Masvidal at UFC London, he's targeting big names, and Colby Covington is on his agenda.

Covington has been very vocal against the UFC and Dana White in recent weeks after Kamaru Usman has been given the next shot at Woodley, something Covington feels belongs to him.

And despite backing him up when it comes to that statement, Till has called Covington out for his persona and constant excuses.

“Aside from the fact Colby’s a d***head, I think he did deserve the shot because he did beat a lot of guys to get there and obviously he did win the interim belt and he was only stripped of that when I fought Woodley," Till stated on Michael Bisping's Believe You Me podcast, per MMAFighting.

“I’ll be honest, I think he’s scared to fight Woodley. I don’t think he wants the fight. I think he’s making out that he wants the fight but I don’t think he wants the fight. I think he wants to fight on his terms.

"That being said mate, it’s the UFC you’re talking about. There’s no terms negotiable. If they want you to fight, you have to fight unless you can come up with a good injury or excuse. It is how it is.

“It’s the same thing with Dana. He’s talking s**t about Dana. If I had a problem with Dana, I’ve got his number. I’d just message him and say, ‘You got a f***ing problem with me or something?’ I just think it’s bad. I think it just looks stupid and it looks like you’re b****ing.

“If you want to create a bad boy persona, don’t let people throw boomerangs at you in Australia, because if someone’s done that to me, mate, that’s a f***ing face off, so he’s not really that much of a bad boy is he?”

Colby Covington has been caught in Darren Till's crosshairs, which could set up a fight down the line between the two.

Till has also targeted the much-hyped Israel Adesanya in the future, who will face Anderson Silva at UFC 234 next month.

But the real money-maker for UFC would probably be Till v Covington, just the press conferences alone would generate a lot of interest.

And no doubt thousands of Brits would follow Till to Vegas should he get a big billing in Nevada.

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