Jamie Carragher's tweet in response to Marcelo Bielsa's 'Spygate' press conference

Marcelo Bielsa

Marcelo Bielsa isn't nicknamed 'El Loco' for nothing.

When the Leeds manager announced an impromptu press conference for 5pm today, a number of the club's fans feared the worst.

The iconic manager has been embroiled in the 'Spygate' scandal after Bielsa instructed a member of his staff to spy on Derby's training sessions.

The Rams' manager Frank Lampard was incensed by the actions of Bielsa and there was a fear that the Argentine would resign over the matter.

However, the managerial maverick delivered a memorable press conference - and powerpoint presentation - declaring that he has spied on every team Leeds have played this season.

Bielsa said, per Daily Record: ”I have called this because tomorrow we have the classic press briefing and I thought the spy matter would take up time I want to dedicate to the game.

“The club is not responsible whatsoever. The person followed my orders and I am the only person responsible.

"I observed all the rivals we played against and watched the training sessions of all our opponents before we played against them.

“Many people have condemned the behaviour saying it was immoral and affecting fair play, saying that it was cheating, many managers and ex-players thought my behaviour was disrespectful.


"What I’ve done is not illegal. It’s not specified, it’s not described. We can discuss about it, but it’s not a violation of the law. I know not everything that isn’t illegal is not right to do."

He never lets the public down, does he?

The press conference and presentation went down a treat on social media, with Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher perfectly summing up the feelings of most football fans.



Carragher wrote: "👀😂😂😂 love him even more now!"

Gary Lineker also chimed in on Twitter, declaring that he 'sort of loves Bielsa' - I think we all do, Gary.



This surely won't be the last instalment of 'El Loco' this season.

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