Brock Lesnar could be returning to UFC very soon as training video emerges

Brock Lesnar

It seems like an eternity ago since Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier went face-to-face after the latter's Heavyweight championship win at UFC 226 back in July.

Realistically a fight should have been made by now after Dana White told the world Lesnar would be getting a shot at the title as that is where the money is.

But since then, Cormier has successfully defended against Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones has returned to throw a spanner in the works and Lesnar is still sticking around in the WWE.

The last point isn't necessarily a problem as Lesnar could theoretically compete in both practices, but neither Dana White nor Vince McMahon wants the 'Beast Incarnate' to get hurt or overworked.

Lesnar's one-year UFC suspension for an anti-doping violation in 2017 was lifted as of January 7, but there was still another hurdle to overcome as he had yet to pay his $250,000 fine to the Nevada Athletic Commission that came with it.

Until then he cannot compete in MMA for any promotion, despite being back in the USADA testing pool.

But videos emerged yesterday of Lesnar going back to his alma mater for a bit of wrestling training - meaning a return to the Octagon sometime soon seems very likely.

Brock Lesnar's recent training videos suggest a return to the Octagon is imminent.

Lesnar was videod undergoing some pure wrestling training with University Of Minnesota prospect Gable Steveson. which you can see below.

Considering Cormier is primarily a wrestler, this is a further signal to Lesnar v Cormier getting made sometime soon.

It still won't stop Stipe Miocic trying to fight his way back into the title picture. The former champion sent out a tweet earlier this week angling for a rematch for the title he lost in 2018.

March 20 is alluding to the fact Cormier stated he wanted to be retired when he turned 40 years old which is on that date, and he won't be able to face all of Miocic, Lesnar and Jones.

So it looks like DC may only have one more bout before he sets off into the sunset - and Lesnar looks to be in prime position to try and make sure he leaves MMA as a loser.

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