Kell Brook appears to rule out ever facing Amir Khan after latest snub

Kell Brook Media Workout

Kell Brook has publicly criticised Amir Khan for a fight between the pair not happening.

After months of speculation Khan has announced he will compete in a world title clash against Terrence Crawford, potentially snubbing the final opportunity to settle a bitter rivalry with Brook.

Speaking publicly for the first time since Khan's next move was confirmed, Brook now believes they will never go toe-to-toe and has dismissed his British rival's chances of becoming a world champion once again.

"Obviously I am disappointed that we couldn't make the fight between me. All I can say is it's a good fight to take," he told Sky Sports.

"I don't think he's got a chance. I am not hating or anything, I just think he (Crawford) is too fresh, too good for Amir and I think he'll stop him.

"It is what it is. I don't want to jump on the bandwagon and say loads of stuff, it's a good fight besides myself, so good on him for getting it on.

"I just don't think he's got a chance. I think he's just fighting these fighters because people are expecting him to lose and he is thinking the fight with me is always going to be there and he can cash in on a big fight like that. That's why I think he's done this.

"The time for him to fight me was now and if he thought I was that bad, such a punk, he could've walked through me and then have those sorts of fights he's just taken, after it."

Terence Crawford and Amir Khan Press Conference

Earlier this week, Khan appeared to claim Brook's less than convincing win over Michael Zerafa was among the key factors in choosing to face Crawford instead.

But Brook has laughed off that explanation, as he says his disappointing performance last time out should only have spurred Khan on to take the fight even.

"He is lovely, isn't he? I wasn't at my best at all but that really should've pushed him on even further and even harder to make our fight," 

"In his last fight he got put down by (Samuel) Vargas and looked ten-bob, so I was trying to make it easier for him!

"I made schoolboy errors and I knew that straight away. I am old enough and experienced enough to admit it. It wasn't good and now I will get fit again, get going again and get back in at the end of March, start of April."

Boxing in Sheffield

The Yorkshireman has questioned Amir Khan's integrity, wit the tension between the two growing it seems as though maybe a bought between that two will never come to fruition. 

"It is a fresh new year, so I am already looking forward. Amir has said the next PPV fight was going to be me and him but he's done a dodge. He looked me in the eye, shook my hand - a gentleman's handshake - and look where we are now.

"I am sick of the situation but what can you do? When you lace up those boxing gloves this sort of stuff goes with the territory, I suppose."

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