Jose Mourinho denies being the reason behind Mohamed Salah’s Chelsea departure

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Jose Mourinho’s managerial career has been a rollercoaster - to say the least.

From the dizzying heights of his title-winning seasons for the likes of Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, to his most recent struggles at Manchester United.

The three-season formula of Mourinho’s lifespan at a club has trademarked his career. The Portuguese would start with a promising debut campaign, before achieving his side’s potential in the second, and then the harrowing comedown of the third.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the Special One is one of the most successful managers in all of football.

However, when you have accumulated as many years in the sport as Mourinho, you can expect the odd blunder. Especially when it comes to judging a player’s ability.

Some examples of players who have thrived since fleeing the rath of Mourinho are Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku - the latter of which managing to do so twice.

In the advent of the surging form of Mohamed Salah, many have drawn attention to Chelsea’s decision to let the Egyptian leave on loan in 2015 - a move that would spur Salah’s consecutive spells away from Stamford Bridge and his subsequent exit.

Mourinho was commonly referred to as the ‘foolish’ coach who claimed Salah was good enough.

However, in his first interview since being relieved of his post at Manchester United, the Portuguese has debunked these suggestions.

Jose Mourinho Mohamed Salah

While speaking to beIN Sports, he said: “Lots of things have been said that are not true.

“People try to identify me as the coach that sold Salah, I am the coach that bought Salah. We played Basel when he was a kid and I fell in love with him.

“I pushed the club to buy him. At the time we had fantastic attacking players, Hazard and Willian, but I told them to buy that kid.

“We decided to loan him out to Italy where the football is tactical and physical. Fiorentina are a good team without the pressure of the title. But when the club decided to sell him it was not me.”


Mourinho was believed to be gagged from talking directly about Manchester United two-show spell as a pundit.

Although, some of the comments he made about club structures will give United plans plenty of food for thought.

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He said: “A club must have an owner or a president, a CEO or an executive director, a sports director or a football director, and then the manager. This is a structure that can cope with all the problems that modernity is bringing to all of us.

“So, for me, a club must be very well organised to cope with these kinds of situations, where the manager is only the manager and not the man who is trying to keep the discipline or who is trying to educate the players.”

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