Sheamus thinks Velveteen Dream is destined to do great things in the WWE


Sheamus has been gracing our screens in WWE for almost ten years now, so much so you almost forget he's nearly 41 years of age.

Despite this, he's still blessed with a talent in the ring, and currently holds the SmackDown Tag Team titles with another exceptional ring general in Cesaro.

His character has been tweaked here and there over the years, but he's always had a consistency of being the Celtic Warrior - a hard-hitting brutal Irishman no matter heel or face.

But in a time where some stars can get away with just being incredible in the ring with no gimmick attached, the former world champion wants to see more unique personalities being developed on the main roster.

"I think we're missing some characters," Sheamus told Solo Wrestling, per WrestlingInc.

"I think we are leaving the creation of characters a little abandoned. Any important series like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead base their product around the characters and their background.

"I think the athletes and wrestlers that we have today are the best in the history of the business, although in turn I think the business has changed to what people want to see.

Sheamus has proclaimed that Velveteen Dream is set to do great things in WWE in his career.

"Then you see Finn Bálor with his alter ego from The Demon, you also have the Bludgeon Brothers - there are a lot of characters, but I think they should be reinforced a bit more."

And on the subject of larger-than-life characters, Sheamus has tipped one charismatic NXT start to make it to the very top of WWE.

"Perhaps one of the most popular characters that WWE has right now is the prodigy of NXT, The Velveteen Dream," Sheamus said.

"He is a 23-year-old star, talented and with an arrogant character who is destined to do great things in the future."

Velveteen Dream has been a revelation in NXT and a call-up to Raw or SmackDown cannot be too far away.

Sheamus wouldn't be the first WWE star to speak highly of Dream, with John Cena describing him as 'The One' when asked who he would like to face out of Adam Cole, Ricochet and Dream.

Many are angling for Dream to make the jump to Raw or SmackDown in the near future, a move he's fully deserving of after blossoming so much since his days on Tough Enough.

It's important to state that time is on the Dream's side, with him being on 23 years of age, but when it comes to post-WrestleMania call-ups, or even a surprise Royal Rumble appearance, he has to be top of the list.

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