Eddie Hearn reacts to Dillian Whyte calling himself 'a free agent'

Dillian Whyte Press Conference

Promoter Eddie Hearn has reacted to Dillian Whyte calling himself a 'free agent' this week by telling the fighter he's free to go should he want to. 

After it was revealed Whyte has only been working with Hearn on a fight-by-fight basis and his frustration at being unable to secure a rematch with Anthony Joshua, his promotional future looks somewhat up in the air.

The heavyweight fighter has recently been publicly courted by one of Hearn's fellow promoters Frank Warren and even got Whyte sat down for an interview to discuss the fighter's options.

But the news doesn't concern Eddie Hearn who told iFL TV that he's confident he's done a good enough job for the British heavyweight to have no regrets.

Hearn also made it clear that if Whyte was to leave then that decision is entirely on the fighter's shoulders.

"If Dillian Whyte wants to go, I'm presuming I've done a great job for him and I think he thinks the same but nothing surprises you in boxing, if he wants to go elsewhere he'll go elsewhere, you never know with Dillian," Hearn said.

When asked about the Frank Warren and Dillian Whyte interview, Hearn was quick to reiterate that he wasn't worried about him leaving for Warren or any of the other promoters.

"Look it's all good, if Dillian wants to go to Frank Warren, if he wants to go to BBC he’ll do it, we've done great business together, I hope he stays with us but it’s a fight-by-fight because I just know we've delivered for him every time.

"Sometimes you have a stronger relationship with people who aren't under contract."

Hearn went on to suggest part of the reason for Whyte being unsettled was to related to the Joshua rematch which doesn't seem to be on the cards right now.

"At the moment, the conflict at the moment will be, we're trying to deliver him Anthony Joshua fight, if he doesn’t think the terms are right he might get the hump, if he gets the hump he might want to f*** me off, if he f*** me off I'll go to bed and sleep nine hours, you know."

Whatever Whyte decides, Hearn is clearly not worried either way.

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