Kane credits The Undertaker for his success in the WWE


In the past 20 years, there have been two superstars like no other in the WWE that have achieved huge success in the company in The Undertaker and Kane.

The two larger superstars have accomplished great success in the WWE because of their promos, in-ring work, and at times, they've used their size to their advantage.

The two formed The Brothers of Destruction, one of the most dominant forces in WWE history, and they're still very active to this day, with their last match being at Crown Jewel last November.

During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin Show, The Big Red Machine credited a lot of his success in wrestling down to how much The Deadman helped him throughout his in-ring career.

Kane explained how his mind was put at ease when he was convinced that The Undertaker would do whatever it took to make his character work, and how The Phenom took him under his wing in a feud to improve his in-ring performance.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "As you say, he is a big guy that I think he felt that he could draw money with me.

"The thing about being a big guy in our business is again, you don't have to take as many bumps but anything you do has to look extremely believable because everything is exaggerated when it you are bigger.

"People expect that. So that is sort of the drawback of it. Yes, you have to know how to be vulnerable and sell the right way and all of those things but I was very fortunate because Mark was behind the whole thing.

"He was tremendously helpful. In fact, it is one of those things where you would have egos once in a while where someone wouldn't want to do something where they need to do and basically I would tell them, look, you can either do this or we can talk to Undertaker about it and eventually they did.

Kane celebrates the importance of The Undertaker on his wrestling success

"Mark also understood that success in this business when you are in this business it is like a dance and it takes two people to succeed."

He added that it was The Undertaker that is responsible for the success of Kane in wrestling.

"He was always all about it and as much as anything the table that was set for me I am going to go in there with The Undertaker. Paul Bearer had been talking about Kane months before he came out, all this stuff that was set up where Kane was going to be successful.

"I was fortunate to be the guy that was in that position and to go in there with The Undertaker. The first Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, which had never happened before and I was involved with that. It was one of those things where I couldn't have written anything better than that."

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