Jose Mourinho believes Mesut Ozil needs 'a little bit of care' in order to be happy at Arsenal

Real Madrid CF v RCD Espanyol - La Liga

We are starting to see the first chinks in Unai Emery's armour in terms of trying to keep his Arsenal players on side.

Despite the Gunners 2-0 win over Chelsea on Saturday, Mesut Ozil's exclusion once again raised some eyebrows after the German posted on Instagram that he had trained all week and was fighting fit.

The tension between Emery and Ozil has seemingly been building for a while now and although the finer details have been hidden by both parties, Emery's reasoning behind Ozil being missing has raised some eyebrows of Arsenal fans.

From a back strain, being exempt for tactical reasons all the way to just no deserving a place in the starting line-up.

Something is certainly not impressing Emery about Ozil, it has been known for years that Ozil lacks the natural aggression and physicality to compete in that department in the Premier League but his creativity and football intelligence is incredibly hard to come by.

"With me Ozil played amazingly well, maybe not with Unai. And maybe a certain player was phenomenal with Unai, and [wouldn’t] work as well with me. It’s just the nature of empathy." Mourinho told BeIN Sport.

"I just feel that Ozil is the kind of player that needs both sides of it. If you are just sweet with him, you lose his natural aggression," Mourinho added.

"He’s not naturally a very strong, physical player in terms of aggression. [But] if you are too strong with him, and you forget that – he also needs a little bit of care, and a little bit of love - you don’t find the right balance.

"So I think it is about finding the right balance with him."

So reading between the lines, could this mean that Emery is trying the tough approach to no avail? This is just merely speculation.

Real Madrid CF v RCD Espanyol - La Liga
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