The entry fees for the 2019 Formula One teams have been revealed

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Following the FIA’s official confirmation of the 2019 entry list, the entry fees for each of the competing teams have now been revealed.

Current regulations state that all teams are required to pay a base figure, which this year stands at £424,368 ($546,133).

All teams must then pay additional costs based on the World Championship points they earned in 2018.

Mercedes, who have won the last five Constructors' Championships, were required to pay £3.759m ($4.838m) in total, which includes the £424,368 base figure plus 655 points at a price of £5,093 ($6,553) per point.

The remaining nine teams all pay the same basic figure, but are charged £4,241 ($5,459) for each point instead.

Ferrari, who yet again lost out to Mercedes in the battle for the title in 2018, had to pay just under £3m for entry, whilst Red Bull had to pay £2.2m.

At the other end of the scale, the likes of Toro Rosso and Williams had to pay £564,320 ($726,280) and £454,037 ($584,346) respectively.

The total entry fee costs exceed an eye-watering £13m ($17.4m).

Last year's title battle saw Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton hit back to overtake Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, to see the Brit win his fifth world championship.

Lewis Hamilton's Official Championship Party at The Abu Dhabi EDITION

He is now remarkably only two behind the legend that is Michael Schumacher, and with the Mercedes car still looking so dominate, it shouldn't surprise anyone if he was to match the German's record, and perhaps even surpass it.

You would say the only thing stopping Hamilton from doing so right now would be his interest and passion for the sport.

It's well documented he loves F1, but it's also known how many interests he has away from the sport which could see him retire in the next few years.

New rules coming into play from Liberty Media could also influence things.

Canadian F1 Grand Prix - Practice

Below, you can see the entry fees for 2019 in full:

Mercedes: £3,759,400 ($4,838,348)
Ferrari: £2,846,326 ($3,663,222)
Red Bull: £2,201,596 ($2,833,454
Renault: £941,827 ($1,212,131)
Haas: £818,819 ($1,053,820
McLaren: £687,328 ($884,591)
Racing Point: £644,911 ($830,001)
Sauber: £627,945 ($808,165)
Toro Rosso: £564,320 ($726,280)
Williams: £454,037 ($584,346)

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