Booker T says to John Cena 'Your time is up' in WWE


John Cena will go down as one of the, if not the greatest, WWE superstar the company has ever had. After being a 16-time world champion and main eventing several PPVs, he's done it all.

With his success outside of the WWE nowadays, Cena has stepped into a more part-time role in the company which involves him dipping in and out of the ring as he has for the past few months.

However, Booker T wants The Leader of the Cenation to step away from the ring completely.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, via Wrestling Inc, Booker explained why he wants Cena to step away from the WWE.

The WWE Hall of Famer stated that he's not needed anymore as the likes of Finn Balor are stepping up into the frame.

He said: "Finn Balor got the biggest win of his wrestling career probably Monday Night against John Cena.

"That was huge. John Cena, you can tell this guy's getting a little slower, his hair is getting a little longer. Finn Balor, literally in the right place at the right time, catching John Cena."

Booker T says John Cena's time in WWE is up

Booker continued: “I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t care what John Cena says, he can say he’s got the fire again. What now did he said he had? Ruthless aggression! Yeah, that’s what he said.

"He can talk a good game but his rapping days is over. I mean, ‘my time is now?’ Your time is up. It’s over, man.

"These young guys like Finn Balor, coming in and stepping their game up. It’s gonna be a whole totally different landscape of the game change out here in the near, near future. Finn Balor, he’s got that spot. He’s gonna be in there with Brock Lesnar.”

Quite simply, it's never over for Cena in the WWE, despite what Booker thinks. He will always be a draw for the company and therefore always welcomed to compete.

As for young guys like Balor, he's 37, while Cena is only 41. He still looked like he could hang with the best in the business when he was in the main event of Raw last week.

Booker T says John Cena's time in WWE is up

The 16-time world champion was booked to compete in the Royal Rumble this weekend, but that was put in doubt before Monday Night Raw this week.

WWE revealed last night that Cena was suffering from an ankle injury suffered last week on Raw due to an ankle lock from Drew McIntyre, meaning he is questionable for the show this Sunday.

However, this injury is likely storyline, as The Leader of the Cenation actually wasn't at Raw last night in Oklahoma as he was in Vancouver, British Columbia beginning production on his next film, 'Playing With Fire'.

Whether or not Cena will be at the Royal Rumble this weekend remains to be seen, but he definitely should be back in a WWE ring in the run up to WrestleMania later this year.

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