Football fan compiles video of Cristiano Ronaldo's fastest sprints in his thirties

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Cristiano Ronaldo is an athlete of the highest calibre.

Aside from his impeccable footballing talent, the Juventus superstar is an example to all young sportspeople when it comes to using determination and handwork to achieve success.

The stories of Ronaldo doing extra hours in the gym at Manchester United and recovering in an ice bath after a Champions League away trip tell you everything you need to know about his attitude.

It's thanks to that kind of elite mentality that Ronaldo not only became one of the world's best footballers, but has remained at the pinnacle ever since.

Only the mercurial Lionel Messi has been able to share the throne with Ronaldo and even with the Portuguese now comfortably in his thirties, few can compete with him.

Ronaldo's incredible athleticism 

You only need to see Ronaldo swapping shirts after a game to notice that he remains in remarkable shape and his strength is more than apparent in duels with defenders.

However, perhaps the most impressive attribute that Ronaldo has sustained in his thirties is his pace.

Clocking a speed of 33.98km/h during the 1-0 win over Morocco, Ronaldo incredibly registered the fastest sprint of the 2018 World Cup at the age of 33.


Ronaldo's fastest sprints in his thirties 

It seems all the hard work in the gym has turned Ronaldo into some kind of Benjamin Button and age just doesn't seem to be a variable as defenders try and chase him down.

All that considered, YouTuber 'Luka Productions' has dedicated his latest Ronaldo video to some of his fastest sprints in recent years. 

We're not sure that many fans are claiming that Ronaldo has lost his pace like the title would suggest, but it still serves as a testament to the forward's incredible speed at his age.

Backdating no further than his final seasons with Real Madrid it shows that - even in his thirties - Ronaldo is one of the fastest in world football. Take a look below:  


Perhaps the most impressive thing to take from the video is Ronaldo's pace with the ball at his feet, a far more difficult skill than chasing after a pass or bombing down the wing.

It seems Ronaldo is equally as brisk whether he's dribbling past defenders or racing through on goal to beat the goalkeeper.

Considering some players consider retiring in their early thirties or move to much weaker leagues, Ronaldo deserves so much credit for competing at the top level still and in immpacable shape.


When it's almost impossible to identify signs of ageing in his game, you just know that Ronaldo has at least two or three years left at his very best.

And even when the legs start to go, you wouldn't put it past the Portuguese to alter his game in a way that allows him to push on further.

Supporters will always debate whether Ronaldo is greatest of all time but he's unquestionably the best athlete football has ever seen.

Who do you think is football's fastest player? Have your say in the comments section below.

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