Braun Strowman gives promising update on Roman Reigns' leukaemia treatment


WWE has been out of action in the ring since he announced he was suffering from leukaemia last year, but from the updates we've received from superstars about him, it sounds like he's doing well.

Reigns announced he had leukaemia back in October, and he immediately stated that he would need to take time away from the ring in order to receive treatment.

It's unclear as to when he will be back in the WWE, but many fans will be hoping it is soon, so long as he doesn't rush it and he only comes back when he is healthy.

By the sound of things, The Big Dog is on the right track towards returning to full health once more, especially following the recent comments made by Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho.

Now Braun Strowman has provided an update on his good friend, and it's a very promising one as well.

Speaking to WrestlingNews, Strowman said: “[Roman is] doing really well. I think he’s in Hawaii right now on vacation seeing some of his family so everything is going good.”

He added on when Reigns could return: “It’s just a day by day thing. I know he’s doing his treatments and stuff at home. When I speak to him, he sounds well and says he feels well. I trust him with everything he’s ever told me.”

One of the more entertaining rivalries in the WWE over the past two years has been between Reigns and Strowman. Fans would love to see this feud revived if The Big Dog is able to come back to WWE.

Braun Strowman provides a promising update on Roman Reigns' leukaemia treatment

While it's unclear as to when Reigns will be back, The Monster Among Men returned to in-ring action this past week on Monday Night Raw following his elbow surgery at the end of last year.

Strowman had a match against Finn Balor on Raw and almost lost against him if it wasn't for Brock Lesnar hitting an F-5 on The Demon King and causing a disqualification.

Brock Lesnar F-5 Finn Balor during his match vs Braun Strowman on this week's Raw

Braun was removed from the Universal title match vs Lesnar at the Royal Rumble last week after he trashed Vince McMahon's limo. Balor took his spot in the match instead after winning a fatal four-way.

It's unclear how WWE will use Strowman at the Rumble, as he could still get involved in the Universal title match, but he also could be in the Royal Rumble match itself, although he is yet to be announced for it.

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