John Cena was supposed to be written off WWE television on Raw after 'ankle injury' is revealed to be a work

John Cena's ankle injury is a work and it was not supposed to be the reason for his absence on Raw

John Cena has always said the WWE is his 'home', but his return on the New Years Day edition of SmackDown Live was his first non-special event appearance since April 2018.

After spending much of the last year in China, Cena wanted to make the most of his limited schedule and has appeared on both brands and several live events this past month.

What some WWE fans have known for quite a while now though is that Cena was scheduled to start filming for a new movie in Vancouver, Canada on January 20.

That would take him out of commission from wrestling once again for quite a while, but he was still advertised for the Royal Rumble, which takes place in Phoenix this Sunday.

But news of an ankle injury sustained in the previous week's Fatal Four-Way main event surfaced before the start of the January 21 edition of Raw, a problem that he had reportedly re-aggravated in training.

It seemed awfully coincidental that he would pick up an injury around the time his filming commitments were due to start.

And it's since been reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that the supposed injury is indeed a 'work', and that there was another plan to essentially write Cena off of WWE television until WrestleMania season.

John Cena's supposed injury has been confirmed as a 'work' by Dave Meltzer

According to Meltzer, per WrestlingInc, Cena was going to be taken out of contention for the Royal Rumble by the debuting NXT star Lars Sullivan.

Sullivan was apparently supposed to debut on Raw before attacking Cena, but due to an apparent anxiety attack did not appear last week, and subsequently flew home before the SmackDown taping the following day.

The original plan was for Lars Sullivan to put Cena out of commission on Raw, but it did not go to plan.

It's a shame if that is true, as it would have been one of the biggest NXT debuts in recent memory by taking out a 16-time world champion.

But with Cena still being advertised for the Rumble, and an upcoming episode of Raw in Vancouver in February, the angle could very well be re-visited as there's no doubt Cena will want a big match at WrestleMania.

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