Daniel Bryan's promo directed at Vince McMahon on SmackDown seemed awfully close to the truth

Daniel Bryan

It's been three months since his massive character shift, but Daniel Bryan keeps on delivering the good on SmackDown Live.

From the moment Bryan turned his back on being a fan favourite in order to be a miserable, ruthless heel, the WWE Champion has really stepped it up a gear in all aspects of his game.

The 'new' Bryan is a vicious heel who rants about the environment and disgust for the WWE Universe's love of consumerism, something he believes AJ Styles fits right in with.

And during a supposed face-to-face with Styles on SmackDown last night just days before their match at the Royal Rumble, Bryan took aim at none-other than the man moderating the situation - Vince McMahon.

Here is the Bryan rant in full, and it's really quite something.

"Vince, of course you don't want to listen to this, because you and the entire baby boomer generation are the great parasites of this world," said Bryan.

"You see these people bow down to you when you came out but they don't realise you and your entire generation - you take, you take, you take and you give nothing back, putting profits over both the people and the planet every single time, and they bow to you for it, they bow to you for it!

Daniel Bryan escaped from his face-off with AJ Styles unharmed after taking shots at Vince McMahon

"It's like you pulled this incredible magic trick, this illusion that you've concealed from them all the environmental and economic debt you've created and they've become satisfied with trading Instagram likes, and Facebook messages and other social media stuff.

"All while you're in the back hoarding all the wealth, hoarding all the power, and they [the fans] ignore it because they're distracted.

"You've created an environment for someone like AJ Styles to become a hero, where his brand of ignorance and impotence is the perfect distraction..."

And then Bryan was cut-off by Vince - presumably so he couldn't commit any more of a verbal murder than he already had.

Many WWE fans on social media are pointing out how accurate Bryan's statements are and that they're ringing true, so in that sense how can he be the bad guy in this situation?

First AJ, now Vince - we wonder who will be next to be run down by the activist that is Daniel Bryan.

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