Ronda Rousey will reportedly leave WWE after WrestleMania 35 just a year after joining

Ronda Rousey could be leaving WWE after WrestleMania, according to Dave Meltzer

Ronda Rousey's signing with WWE in January 2018 created shockwaves in the sports world, as she traded MMA for sports entertainment.

And as she gets ready to face Sasha Banks at the 2019 Royal Rumble for the Raw Women's Championship, it'll mark the one-year anniversary since she made her debut appearance as a full-time WWE superstar.

From the moment she had her first in-ring experience with Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, you could tell she was a natural and would fit in incredibly well in the environment.

There's no doubt she's getting better and better with every match under her belt as well in 2018, and her Survivor Series bout with Charlotte Flair was highly rated until the DQ ending.

Rousey's story as we head towards WrestleMania seems to be heading towards a match with Becky Lynch or Flair, or maybe both in a Triple Threat match, but a Four Horsewomen feud has also been teased after Banks flashed the signal last week on Raw.

With several big storylines seemingly in the works then, what's incredibly surprising is the report that has come out today regarding Rousey's future.

A screenshot from the most recent edition of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shown him stating that the current plan is for Rousey to finish up her stint with WWE at the upcoming WrestleMania.

Meltzer has said that he's heard the news from several people, and on one hand it doesn't seem that shocking considering Rousey released a video last month stating she was struggling with the travelling that came with being a WWE superstar.

Ronda Rousey is set to part ways with WWE after WrestleMania 35, according to Dave Meltzer

Add to the fact that she also wants to start a family with her boyfriend - UFC fighter Travis Browne - it makes sticking with WWE a difficult decision.

Should Rousey indeed leave after WrestleMania is over, or within that timeframe, it makes the Four Horsewomen feud that has been talked up for so long basically dead before it can even happen, which is a shame.

But you can't stop someone from wanting to start a family, and if that's the reason that both parties have agreed to end their relationship this coming April, then we can only say that's fair.

Of course though, plans can change at any time in the world of WWE, so it's not definitive that she will leave just yet, but if true let's enjoy the last few months of Ronda whilst we can.

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