WWE had no intention of having John Cena at Royal Rumble despite advertising him to appear

WWE advertised John Cena for the Royal Rumble with apparently no intention of booking him

The Royal Rumble is now only two days away, and there are some serious big hitters that are primed for the men's match, and others that could still enter the fray.

Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe are three of the top full-time competitors battling for a main event opportunity at WrestleMania, and they were all set to be joined by the 'free agent' John Cena.

Cena was away with filming commitments for most of 2018, but he arrived back in his 'home' of WWE on the New Years Day edition of SmackDown ready for another stint inside the ring.

But news that came out this week before Monday Night Raw put his participation in the match in serious doubt.

WWE reported that Cena had suffered an ankle injury and was not sure to be still entering the 30-man match.

But it was later outed as a cover-up for what the original plan was; Cena was supposed to be put out of commission by the newly-debuting Lars Sullivan so that he could be written off to film a new movie in Vancouver.

Sullivan however had personal issues to deal with last week which meant putting the plans on hold and throwing the whole Cena storyline into doubt.

Dave Meltzer noted in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed that Cena was not supposed to be taking part in the Rumble match, but WWE may have seriously misled the fans in more cases than one.

John Cena's absence from the Royal Rumble this weekend was planned from the get-go from WWE according to Dave Meltzer

Per NoDQ, Meltzer has stated that the company not only advertised Cena even though they knew he wasn't supposed to be a Rumble participant, let alone even appearing, they booked the Brock Lesnar versus Braun Strowman rematch in advance even though that was never the plan.

It's all to do with ticket sales, and WWE felt like they needed a big match and a huge star confirmed before fans started to snap up the tickets.

With Meltzer's estimates of between 25,000 and 30,000 paid attendees this Sunday in a stadium that's 'configured to hold 43,000', that plan doesn't seem to have really worked, and WWE fans may be even more annoyed now that it seems as though they tried to deliberately mislead the audience.

Of course most people know about the 'card subject to change' message that is printed on tickets for shows, but when WWE know their plans beforehand and don't give the fans what was advertised, that could be described as immoral.

With Cena supposedly now not attending though that leaves another space open for a potential return or NXT main roster debut.

GMS readers, let us know who YOU would like to see make a surprise appearance in the 2019 Rumble match!

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