Daniel Bryan trades shots with UFC Champion Henry Cejudo on Twitter


Daniel Bryan and Henry Cejudo have been trading shots recently on Twitter after the UFC Champion expressed an interest in Bryan's sister-in-law, Nikki Bella.

Bryan will be defending his WWE Championship later today at the Royal Rumble against AJ Styles, which takes place at Chase Field in Phoenix.

The WWE Champion has been doing interviews in preparation for the Rumble, and during one of the interviews, he was asked about Cejudo's expressed interest in dating his sister-in-law Nikki.

The UFC Flyweight Champion recently said he would like to date Nikki, but she and Brie Bella later joked to TMZ that Bryan was the one who would like to take the UFC star out because he's a big fan.

The King of Beards responded to these comments during an interview with ABC15 in Phoenix, via Wrestling Inc, taking shots at Cejudo in the process.

He said: "There's a lot of people that go around and they hold championship titles and they think they're so tough, and they think that they're this, and they think that they're that. None of them are Daniel Bryan.

"Henry Cejudo, a valley resident who just defended his UFC Championship last Saturday, wants to go out on a date with my sister-in-law. Guess what? Henry Cejudo, you're not the man that Daniel Bryan is. You fight Daniel Bryan, you go down every time."

Daniel Bryan and Henry Cejudo have traded shots at each other on Twitter

While this shot at Cejudo was in-character for Bryan, the UFC Flyweight Champion felt the need to respond.

Cejudo saw Bryan's tweet and said: "@WWEDanielBryan there's enough room in The Valley for a King and a Prince. As Prince, you should know your role & make sure you pour my Bella Radici wine to the rim.

"PS. Don't get too attached to that @WWE belt, I am on a bit of a roll myself. @ufc @espnmma @arielhelwani."

Bryan replied: "Watch your mouth, boy, or after I beat AJ at #RoyalRumble, I'll drop down to 125 and come tap you faster than you ko'd Dillashaw. #HeelHookSucka #KingOfChampions #PlanetsChamp

"P.S. Drinking Bella Radici is the closest you'll ever get to my sister-in-law @BellaTwins."

Cejudo is a WWE fan, so there is a chance that this could develop further in the future, but it's unlikely to be anything more than just a Twitter feud anytime soon since he's with UFC and has been since 2014.

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