Royal Rumble results: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins win big matches as WWE shock fans in Men's Rumble

Becky Lynch after she won the Women's Royal Rumble

WWE hosted their first pay-per-view of the year, and arguably their second-most important of the entire calendar - the Royal Rumble.

The 2019 edition saw WWE take the event to the Chase Field baseball stadium in Phoenix, with 40,000 fans wanting to see who would secure their ticket to WrestleMania.

Here are all the results from an exciting near-six hours of action, starting off with the three pre-show bouts.


This match was made pretty randomly on the pre-show, as Drake Maverick wanted his AOP team to get another shot at the Raw Tag Team champions Roode and Gable.

With Akam injured though, Rezar would strangely team with one-half of The Revival - Scott Dawson.

The unlikely duo's ability to team together came to a head at the end of the match, with Dawson accidentally dropkicking Rezar out of the ring, allowing the champions to hit their Neckbreaker/Moonsault combo for the win.

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable scored a win over Rezar and Scott Dawson

Winners: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable


What a chance of events in a year it's been for Shinsuke Nakamura.

The winner of the Royal Rumble last year, he was stuck on the pre-show this year trying to reclaim the title he lost to Rusev on Christmas Day.

In what was a pretty even match throughout, the tide turned when Nakamura tried to take the turnbuckle pad off, which forced Rusev's wife and manager Lana to stand on the apron and berate him.

Unfortunately for Rusev though, whilst he was aiming to take out his opponent, he hit his wife onto the floor - reminiscent of what happened at the end of his WrestleMania loss in 2015 to John Cena.

A Kinshasa to the back of Rusev's head later and Nakamura would start his second reign as U.S. Champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura captured the US Title for the second time over Rusev

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura [New United States Champion]


When Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali tore the house down at Survivor Series a few months ago, it meant only good things for the Cruiserweight division.

But with the wealth of amazing matches on the card for the Rumble, some had to get shunted to the pre-show, and this Fatal Four-Way was one of them.

Buddy Murphy assaults Akira Tozawa on his way to retaining his Cruiserweight title

As expected from the 205 Live stars, there was lost of high-flying, strong style action, and a hell of a lot of superkicks.

It was the Aussie sensation Murphy who retained his title though, hitting a Murphys Law on Itami for the pinfall, just moments after Itami teased hitting the GTS, which would have surely set off the CM Punk chants.

Winner: Buddy Murphy [Retains Cruiserweight Championship]


After a Ronda Rousey interference cost her the SmackDown Womens Championship, Becky Lynch got her rematch against the new champion Asuka to open the main show.

At one point during the match, Asuka hit a nasty looking Fisherman Suplex on Lynch to the outside which looked seriously painful.

Both stars tried to lock in the opponents finishing manoeuvres, but the finish came when Asuka turned her own Asuka Lock into a brutal-looking bridged chokehold to make Lynch submit.

Asuka retained her title in a hard-hitting match with Becky Lynch

But it wouldn't be the last we saw of Lynch on the night.

Winner: Asuka [Retains SmackDown Womens Championship]


After an age of trying to convince Shane McMahon to tag with him, The Miz got his way and subsequently walked into a Tag Team Championship match against Sheamus and Cesaro.

Shane came firing out of the blocks immediately with a Spear to Sheamus, but The Bar took control as the match wore on, with Cesaro even intercepting McMahon's attempt at a double Coast To Coast.

The climax saw Miz intercept the Celtic Warrior with a Skull Crushing Finale, which left Shane to finish off Cesaro with an incredible Shooting Star Press to capture the belts for his team.

Winners: The Miz and Shane McMahon [NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions]


A first-time-ever match for the WWE Universe, there was lots of expectation on this matchup.

Ronda continued to impress since her debut last year, and Sasha got some nasty submissions locked-in as well, at one point she almost popped Ronda's shoulder out of her socket.

Sasha did tap to Rousey's Armbar finisher during the match, but the outside of the ring doesn't count for anything, but Ronda eventually retained her title after countering a Sasha pinfall attempt into a Gutwrench Powerbomb, and then hitting her Pipers Pit move to put Banks away.

Sasha Banks used every trick in the book, but still couldn't get the better of Ronda Rousey

The two shared a respectful moment inside the ring, but as they met on the ramp on their way to the back, Banks once again flashed the 'Four Horsewomen' signal, which indicates a feud between the WWE foursome of Banks, Bayley, Lynch and Charlotte Flair against the MMA Horsewomen of Rousey, and NXT trio Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke could be on the horizon.

Winner: Ronda Rousey [Retains Raw Womens Championship]


Unlike last year where the inaugural Women's Rumble match was the main event, the females of WWE had to settle for the middle of the card this year.

Riott Squad member Liv Morgan had the embarrassment of being the first eliminated just ten seconds after coming in the ring as number four, whilst midway through the match we got an appearance from the first ever main roster Chinese superstar - Xia Li - at number 11.

The favourite for the match, Charlotte Flair, came in at 13 and immediately got to work, whilst Naomi came in and pulled another Kofi Kingston-esque spot from the ringside barricade to jump back onto the steel steps - only to be eliminated seconds later by Mandy Rose.

We even got a surprise appearance from HORNSWOGGLE as he appeared from under the ring to chase Zelina Vega away and back into the ring where she was promptly eliminated.

As Carmella entered at number 30, the fans still wanted Becky Lynch, and she duly took the place of an injured Lana, who came out 28th but was unable to make it to the ring, and at the behest of former US Champion-turned-backstage producer Fit Finlay, the Lasskicker was IN!

The final four came down to Flair, Lynch, Nia Jax and Bayley, and despite looking to have tweaked her knee, Lynch last eliminated Flair to be crowned the 2019 Women's Rumble winner.

Becky Lynch celebrates winning the Royal Rumble as Charlotte Flair looks on in despair

Winner: Becky Lynch


Styles was looking for revenge on the 'new' Bryan after relentless insults and just generally wanting his title back after his dirty win back in November to win the belt.

It seemed like the fans were struggling to get into the match, feeling the burnout after Lynch winning the Rumble....and then something very surprising happened.

None-other than Erick Rowan, who had been absent for months following injury, appeared out of nowhere and helped Bryan retain the title by attacking Styles whilst the referee was incapacitated.

Erick Rowan returned to the ring to help Daniel Bryan retain his WWE Title

This could see the start of a new cult for Bryan, almost like CM Punk's 'Straight Edge Society' - seems weird to pair the two together but it could be really intriguing.

Winner: Daniel Bryan [Retains WWE Championship]


Finn Balor, minus his Demon King alter ego took to the ring to face the indomitable Brock Lesnar, and no-one really believed that Balor was ever going to defeat The Beast.

He gave it a very good go though, and the bout ended up playing off Brock's past real-life battle with Diverticulitis.

A Coup De Grace from Balor saw Lesnar kick out at two, but a reversal into a Kimura Lock proved to be Balor's demise, as he submitted with no way out.

Lesnar added insult to injury with a post-match beat down which was rained down with a chorus of boos.

But it looks like Lesnar will walk into WrestleMania 35 as Universal Champion providing he doesn't lose it at Elimination Chamber or Fast Lane.

Brock Lesnar attacks Finn Balor after their Universal Championship match

Winner: Brock Lesnar [Retains Universal Championship]


The match started with Elias and a surprise in the form of Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, with the two planning to play a duet before Elias turned on Double J, quickly eliminating him from the Rumble first after smashing his guitar over him.

Jeff Jarrett and Elias started out the Royal Rumble match, and teased playing a duet

The big names kept on rolling throughout the early parts of the match, with the likes of Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre all racking up eliminations, whilst there was surprise appearances by NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano and United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne.

Aleister Black also debuted from NXT, and he scored a big elimination by taking out Dean Ambrose with a Black Mass.

As we knew in advance, R-Truth was scheduled to be number 30, but he was jumped as he made his way to the ring.

His attacker? Nia Jax.

Jax dropped every male left in the ring, eliminating Mustafa Ali, but things took a turn when Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton all hit Jax with their finishing moves, with WWE giving the fans man-on-woman wrestling for the first time in a long while.

After that strange chain of events we were left with four competitors - Braun Strowman took care of Andrade, Ziggler was also downed by the Monster Among Men, which left just Rollins and Braun as the final two.

And it was Rollins who came up as the victor, Curb Stomping Strowman on the ring apron to book his ticket to the Metlife Stadium in April.

Seth Rollins was the victor in the Men's Royal Rumble match

Winner: Seth Rollins

Tomorrow nights Raw is going to very interesting indeed, as we may see Rollins officially challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and we could see Becky Lynch come after Ronda Rousey.

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