WWE is warming up to intergender wrestling in order to boost ratings


Over the past couple of weeks, WWE has been flirting with the idea of intergender matches in the company for the first time in years.

More emphasis on this concept of wrestling was shown over the past couple of days at the Royal Rumble and on Monday Night Raw the day afterward.

Nia Jax was involved in both occasions, as she entered the men's Royal Rumble on Sunday, taking the finishers from Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and Dolph Ziggler, as well as eliminating Mustafa Ali.

Then, last night on Raw, Jax was involved in another altercation with a male superstar in the ring, as she pushed Dean Ambrose between the ropes and out the ring before her match on the show with Tamina.

The reason why WWE booked these two spots was to ease intergender wrestling into the company, and they're warming up to that concept in order to boost ratings.

Wrestling Observer Radio has noted, via Cageside Seats, that more intergender wrestling is being booked a result of complaints from Mixed Match Challenge viewers about men not being allowed to do moves on women.

Dave Meltzer also added that the creative change is coming in order to boost ratings ahead of SmackDown's switch to Fox later on this year.

He said, via Ringside News: "They need to get ratings up. They need to get interest in this product up because they’re in there with the big boys and you know that will be… everything that they’re doing and if they go on Fox — this is months away and they got to get that audience up.

"If they go on Fox and they don’t have a good number on Fox the stock goes down, the value goes down. They will be viewed as someone who can’t hang in real prime-time on a real network station.

“None of these things they want.”


WWE needs to try as many things as possible, within reason, and see what works over the next couple of months, especially on SmackDown Live.

They have nothing really to lose at the moment since they're not on Fox yet, but if the ratings continue to drop once they have switched networks, more than just fan approval could be lost.

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