Andre Ward and Carl Froch clash on Twitter after George Groves' retirement announcement

Andre Ward v Carl Froch - Weigh In

Boxing duo Andre Ward and Carl Froch have clashed again, but this time it's over the retirement of British hero George Groves.

Froch's comments wouldn't have surprised many, owing to the fact that the pair of Brits had a big rivalry, which saw two fights in 2013 and 2014.

Froch won both, and after knocking out Groves at Wembley Stadium, he claimed the bragging rights.

In reacting to the new of Groves' retirement, Carl Froch said: "I won't miss Groves, I'm not sure that British boxing will either."

This outraged the boxing community on Twitter, with many users saying that Froch is 'obsessed with Groves', with one user going as far as saying, "Let it all out, you sad excuse for a sportsman."

It wasn't long before another British boxing great got involved.

This isn't the first time that Andre Ward and Carl Froch have had hostilities with one another before, as Ward is one of only two people to have beaten Froch, back in 2011.

In response to the interview, he tweeted: "This dude is the biggest hater. You're over 40 man, let it go. The arrogance is off the charts".

In a separate tweet, he congratulated Groves on his retirement in a much more respectful way, by saying: "Congrats on a great career champ! Glad you get to go out on your own terms. Bless you man!"

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Froch hit back soon after, saying: "Can you remind everyone why you retired again?" possibly trying to antagonise Ward after the American's reasons for retiring were a 'lack of desire to fight'.

Ward remained dignified, and replied: "You still mad bro? SMH (shake my head) Old and bitter. And stop blocking all the fans who don't agree with you, stop it!!! You're too old for that too"

The Brit went on the offensive with his next tweet, saying: "No TV interest. Simple as that" making his thoughts clear on why Ward retired in September 2017.

Ward responded with: "No TV interest? Who told you that.... Eddie (Hearn)?!" and then he claimed that Froch 'ducked the rematch with him'.

Froch countered with: "Everyone knows you didn't have the minerals to come to the UK"

In the last tweet of the pair, Ward finished with: "Be honest with yourself, you didn't want the rematch. We all know why. It's ok"

This latest spat shows that there has been no love lost between the pair since their fight in 2011.

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