Video shows Lionel Messi punishing teams with Barcelona after being angered

Girona FC v FC Barcelona - La Liga

Lionel Messi isn't exactly known for losing his temper.

Although no footballer is truly immune to letting their anger get the better of them, the Barcelona star has a reputation for being incredibly mild-mannered and humble.

The best way to summarise Messi's placid nature is the fact he has only been sent off once his career and rather bizarrely, it came just 43 seconds into his Argentina debut.

Although his record isn't as squeaky clean as players like Gary Lineker or Alan Smith, it's pretty remarkable when you consider his brand of football.

Skilful players are often subjected to a great number of fouls which - in the case of certain characters - can result in retaliation or even revenge fouls in more extreme cases.

Messi's superb temperament 

Yet, for all the times that Messi has been hacked to the ground by defenders, it takes a lot for Messi to lash out and exact retribution.

That's because Messi's preferable response is to convert his anger into retaliating on the pitch, either by humiliating that particular player or inspiring himself to a remarkable performance.

Bearing that in mind, YouTuber 'MessiTheBoss' compiled a video of five examples showing 'Why You Shouldn't Make Messi Angry.'

Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel M

Five examples of making Messi angry

The first instance is one of the most famous with Messi humiliating Manuel Neuer just a matter of days after the Bayern Munich man intimidated him in the media.

The next sees Messi having his hand stamped upon by Pepe, only for his proceeding touch to provide a mercurial assist for Eric Abidal. Oh, and he couldn't resist a crunching tackle in revenge.

The next three moments can also be seen in the video with Messi showing Real Zaragoza, Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid exactly why you don't provoke him.

Check out the full video down below: 

Dont. Mess. With. Messi.

It seems that hacking him down with challenges and playing dirty is the last thing you want to do, encouraging Messi to silence his opponents with remarkable pieces of skill.

There have only been a handful of examples - some shown in the video above - where Messi has been coaxed into some questionable tackles of his own.

Perhaps the finest case study is the fifth and final, with Real Madrid doing everything in their powerful to nullify Messi's influence on the game. 


But anger him with late tackles and man-marking and you might just be picking a last minute winner out of your net.

Aside from his incredible raw talent, Messi is renowned for his footballing brain and it seems capable of adjusting to almost every scenario.

Do you think Messi is the greatest player in history? Have your say in the comments section below.

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