Daniel Bryan unveiled a vegan WWE Championship belt after throwing current one in the bin

Daniel Bryan

If anyone in WWE in the current day plays a character so similar to their real-life guise, then Daniel Bryan is the one that you can find it hard to tell whether he's actually playing one.

Over the years of his long babyface runs we've always known that he is a vegan and he's not afraid to tell you about it.

And that side to him has intensified since the start of his heel run in November.

Bryan has cut a number of promos bashing the WWE Universe for their consumerism and even took shots at Vince McMahon and the 'baby boomer' generation for only caring about money.

WWE fans are clever though, and they've noticed the flaws in Bryan's arguments, but he - or WWE for that matter - have found a way to put things right.

Many have noted Bryan's hypocrisy for carrying round a belt made from leather for the duration of his title run, but it seems like WWE finally figured out a way to put things right.

On SmackDown last night, Bryan consigned the current WWE Championship design to a trash can, and replaced it with something more eco-friendly.

The new design is made of sustainable Hemp and is apparently a symbol of what Bryan believes in, and to be honest it makes total sense when it comes to Bryan's character.

Whilst some might hate the design, you can't fault the WWE for the effort they've gone through to creating it - you can see a full image of the new strap below.

Daniel Bryan's brand-new WWE Championship design

There's been a mixed reaction to the new title, with some loving it and the concept behind it but others finding it hideous.

Like it or not, the new belt has definitely made an impact.

No doubt when Bryan does lose the title, the new champion will try to set fire to the belt or something daft like that.

And he may just lose it in a few weeks at Elimination Chamber, as he will defend it inside the dreaded structure against Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali.

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