Andrew Flintoff hits out at David Haye for 'beating up' Jack Whitehall

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Former professional cricketer Freddie Flintoff has hit out at David Haye for his 'disgusting' treatment of Jack Whitehall.

The ex-England captain labels the former boxing champion as a: 'bully' and that he has: 'fantasised about fighting him'.

This came following a skit that occurred during an episode of ‘A League of their Own’ that aired in 2013 where comedian, Jack Whitehall, was hit repeatedly by Haye whilst wearing a punch bag.

David Haye made a surprise appearance in the skit, replacing Freddie Flintoff due to a shoulder injury.

The former boxing world champion had landed 33 punches in 20 seconds on Whitehall, but it was one punch that aggrieved Flintoff the most.

It occurred when a punch was seen to have missed the bag entirely and impacted on the chest of Whitehall which left Flintoff furious.

It was evident that Jack Whitehall was not so comfortable afterwards, opening his mouth wide showing that he was in some pain.

Quoted in his new autobiography ‘Do You Know What?’, Flintoff said: “When Haye was a guest on A League of Their Own, he had beaten Jack Whitehall up, which I thought was disgusting,” per The Mirror.

"As you know, I hate bullies.

“The segment was meant to be a bit of fun, but they put Jack inside a heavy bag and Haye hammered him, even hit him in the head at one point.

“I was sat there fantasising about fighting him. He would have killed me, but I would have had a bloody good go.”

At the time, Haye was boasting on social media, tweeting: “Watch me practice some #Hayemakers on the poor @jackwhitehall tonight on #ALOTO.”


The incident came after Whitehall made a mockery of Haye due his loss to Wladimir Klitschko, when he blamed the loss on his broken toe.

The comedian laughed it off, saying “You don’t punch with your toe” before adding “Hayemaker? Gaymaker.”.

Haye has been retired from professional boxing since a loss to long-time rival Tony Bellew last May.

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