The huge contract Dean Ambrose reportedly rejected before deciding to part ways with WWE

Dean Ambrose

Yesterday afternoon saw the shock reports emerge that Dean Ambrose was to leave the WWE when his contract expires in April 2019, according to several journalists.

And this was backed up officially by WWE just hours before SmackDown Live, with a press release stating that Ambrose, real name Jonathan Good, would be departing the company.

WWE hardly ever come out and tell the fans that a wrestler is leaving months before their official departure, but it's likely that they did it to stop any more speculation surrounding Ambrose's future.

It's not the first time company officials have had to respond to similar reports recently, with a spokesperson indicating last week that Ronda Rousey is contracted to WWE until 2021 after several outlets reported that she would be departing post-WrestleMania 35.

For Ambrose though it seems like it's going to be a fresh start at another promotion or he may even take a break from wrestling - that's if it is all legitimate.

Fans are skeptical on whether to believe he's actually going, and many seem to think that WWE are using the reports as a storyline, but several journalists have backed-up the legitimacy of Ambrose's departure.

One of those is PWInsider's Mike Johnson, who had more details of WWE's attempts to get Ambrose to continue with the company.

Per NoDQ, Johnson has stated that Ambrose turned down a five-year, $1 million per year deal to secure his future with the company.

Dean Ambrose is set to leave WWE in April when his contract expires

That's a lot of money and a very long contract to reject.

A source told PWInsider that Ambrose can 'do what he wants' as he doesn't live a lavish lifestyle, so he's probably in a very comfortable financial situation and can relax whilst he decides what he wants to do next.

You can't really blame the former Shield member for wanting to leave, he's been seemingly dealt a bad hand since returning from injury in 2018, with wacky storylines and a lack of direction probably meaning he ran out of patience with the creative team and the company as a whole.

The story is likely to run right through until the expiry of his contract, and don't be surprised if it is a major talking point on Monday Night Raw as the months and days count down until Ambrose leaves WWE for good.

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