WWE have posted unseen footage from the final ad break of SmackDown Live

AJ Styles mocked Erick Rowan after stating he wanted another piece of Daniel Bryan and his title

The reign of 'The New' Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live has continued following the Royal Rumble.

Bryan faced AJ Styles once against in Phoenix for the WWE Championship, and needed the help of none-other than Erick Rowan to retain his title.

It was really random at the time, with Rowan not being seen since August 2018 when he was teaming with Luke Harper as Bludgeon Brothers, before injury saw him sidelined.

But all was explained on the blue brand's latest episode last night.

Bryan made his way to the ring with Rowan and denounced himself as a hypocrite for carrying a leather belt, so unveiled a new strap made of Hemp after throwing his current one in a trash can.

This seemingly angered Styles, who came out to say he wasn't finished with Bryan, before Randy Orton's music hit.

It was really strange when WWE cut to an advertisement break with just seven minutes remaining on the broadcast as Orton made his way to the ring, but they've decided to release the footage of what actually happened.

After throwing the WWE Championship in a trash can, Daniel Bryan was confronted by five other SmackDown stars

Bryan decided to berate the audience once again by saying the fans are hypocrites for chanting for 'Daisy the Cow' [Daisy is the name Bryan gave to the cow that was 'slaughtered' to make the WWE Championship in leather] yet they eat burgers and other meat products.

Orton interrupted to explicitly state he does not care what Bryan stands for, whilst also informing an exasperated Bryan that he does not recycle - he just wants the WWE Championship once again.

That forced AJ to intervene, claiming he would take out Bryan and his 'red headed lumberjackass'.

And then Jeff Hardy came out with a few lines that no-one really seemed to react to, before the show went back live on-air with Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe joining the fray.

It all lead to the reveal of an Elimination Chamber match at the eponymous pay-per-view in less than three weeks time for Bryan's title - and it's sure to be an epic encounter.

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