Formula 1 great Jackie Stewart considers Lewis Hamilton a "lucky boy" for his success


Five-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton was described as a "lucky boy" by racing great Sir Jackie Stewart this week regarding the recent success he has managed to achieve. 

Lewis Hamilton has been almost untouchable in recent years, amassing five Drivers' Championships and winning a record number of races in the process.

His most recent championship victory came after a season-long battle with Sebastian Vettel and once again cemented the notion that the Britain is indeed the sport's premier driver.

In an interview this week, however, triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart believes that despite the driver's talent, there is a lot more that goes into such a dominant spell. 

“Lewis currently is not only driving well, he has also got the best team in the world with the best engine in the world right now," Stewart said to

“But he’s driving it well too.

“You’ve got so many other dimensions to it when you’re a Formula 1 driver, and the dependency of the car.

“When I left the Matra, I went to a March [for 1970]. Now that was a challenge!

“So, if Lewis were to go from Mercedes and go to an uncompetitive team, that would be a challenge.

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“Lewis has done extremely well, but he’s been a very lucky boy, to have [former McLaren boss] Ron Dennis pick him up the way he did, to bring him up the way he did.

“And in those days, the McLaren was the best car in the world in Formula 1, including Ferrari.”

Hamilton entered the sport in 2007 in a front-running McLaren before making the jump to the equally impressive Mercedes GP in 2011. 

With all the success that Lewis has been having, it looks unlikely he will be leaving for any of the back-markers in the near future despite Jackie Stewart's suggested challenge. 

Maybe a sixth world Drivers' Championship this year will be enough for Hamilton to impress the former driver and team owner. 

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