Klopp has defended the actions of Liverpool groundsmen during half-time of Leicester game

Liverpool FC v Leicester City - Premier League

Liverpool missed the chance to go seven points clear when they fell to a 1-1 draw with Leicester on Wednesday.

Harry Maguire cancelled out Sadio Mane's early strike, to narrowly extend Liverpool's lead at the top of the table to five points following Manchester Cty's defeat to Newcastle.

The weather was a huge factor during the game with both sides struggling with the sloshy surface due to snowfall.

The scrappiness of play, most notably the build-up to Maguire's goal underlined the fact that pitch was not in any condition to play comfortably.

The Liverpool groundsman have received some criticism from their actions at half-time, due to a certain area of the pitch being prioritised for snow clearance.

Klopp tried his best to clear up the situation, explaining the events that transpired.

"When we had the warming up it started snowing and the pitch was completely okay and then we went in," Klopp said in a recent press conference.

"Then we came back out and it was full of wet snow which made the pitch difficult.

Liverpool FC v Leicester City - Premier League

"It was then clear that the ground staff tried to clear it but we didn't have enough man power, they realised once they had started," Klopp added.

The German then went on to say he felt that Liverpool had no advantage from the areas on the pitch that were cleared.

"There was honestly no plan, no one told them to clear their box.


"I've heard people say their was an issue with sportsmanship, but it's to their advantage as well, if their box is clean it's better to defend as well.

"It's obvious to me that people in England are not used to it, in Germany you give shovels to all the people - even in the stands - and you have 15 minutes to clear it."

It has been an issue for years that whether it be on a football pitch or on the roads, in Britain we simply cannot deal with snow.

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