Video compares Cristiano Ronaldo at the age of 21 with Marcus Rashford


Marcus Rashford had a better goalscoring record than Cristiano Ronaldo after the pair had both played 149 matches for Manchester United.

Rashford had netted 40 goals for the Red Devils, nine more than Ronaldo in the same number of matches.

The 21-year-old forward has since played three more games and he’s taken his tally to 41 strikes.

Of course, Ronaldo has gone on to break numerous records and the numbers that he’s put up in his career are simply frightening.

But it will feel Rashford with confidence to know that he’s in good company at this stage of his career.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently claimed the England international is at the same level as Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney when they were 150 games into their United careers.

“Yes. Definitely he can be absolutely top-class,” Solskjaer said, per The Guardian. “He is only 21 but the maturity he is showing at times is more than 21 and his work rate.”

Video compares Ronaldo and Rashford

However, a video posted on YouTube by Luka Productions shows the level that Rashford is trying to get to.


The video compares clips of Ronaldo at the age of 21 with Rashford. It’s titled: ‘Rashford is good but… Ronaldo was unstoppable at 21!’

Ronaldo turned 21 in 2006. He was more of a trickster back then, flashing his skills on a weekly basis.

But he was still capable of producing some utterly incredible moments.

Rashford has been in superb form since the arrival of Solskjaer, going on a run of five goals in seven matches.

The task will be whether he can develop at the same rate as Ronaldo did, which will be very difficult.

The Portuguese forward scored 450 goals for Real Madrid at a rate of more than one goal per match.

It’s unfair to even put Rashford in the same sentence as the five time Ballon d’Or winner, really. That’s a kind of pressure that, at such a young age, he really doesn’t need.

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