British hospital staff criticised after post-op picture of Andy Murray


Tennis star Andy Murray has sparked a argument between doctors after a photo of him after his hip surgery was posted last week.

That's because medics in the United States have highlighted 'errors' in how British staff members went about the surgery.

Murray, 31, posted a picture of himself in his hospital bed on social media after he had just gone through his hip-surgery. However, medics in the US have spotted a string of errors made and have pointed them out.

These errors include the placement of his drips and blood pressure cuff, stating the cuff should be on the IV-free arm. Also, they have asked why his arm hair had not been cut short, as the photo shows his arm still hairy.

There were also queries on why Murray's right arm was containing the peripheral intravenous catheters, the arm that has made him tennis's top star.

Andy's right arm has been named "largely responsible for the millions he has earned" by the Association for Vascular Access, who also added that this should have been considered at the beginning.

"The clinician who placed the peripheral intravenous catheters should have taken this into consideration and used his left arm."

The other errors that were spotted contain how the IV tubing makes the blood visible, there are two PIVs on the same arm (possibly looking as if they are in the same vein), the dressings are occlusive and should be changed. 

They also noticed how stopcocks had not been removed from the Scottish tennis player's arm, which they should immediately after surgery as they do not disinfect and can increase the risk of infection.

It is not yet known whether Murray will be able to return to tennis following the operation but having suffered with pain every day, it is now believed the Scot will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle as a result.

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