Possible reason why WWE publicly announced Dean Ambrose's forthcoming departure


Earlier this week, reports emerged stating that Dean Ambrose would be leaving the WWE after WrestleMania 35 later this year when his contract expires.

WWE fans were shocked by the report, but the speculated reason behind his departure makes sense, as The Lunatic Fringe is unhappy with how he has been booked creatively.

The report also stated that WWE had offered Ambrose multiple contract offers with a lot of money on the table, but they were all turned down, confirming that he's not leaving due to financial reasons.

Fans were shocked further on when WWE released an announcement of their own confirming that Ambrose would indeed be leaving the company after The Showcase of the Immortals later this year.

A few days have passed now since the surprising news first emerged and the WWE Universe is still trying to figure out exactly why WWE confirmed one of their biggest stars would be leaving the company in a few months time.

Take Control

Wade Keller of PWTorch.com, who broke the initial story about Ambrose leaving the WWE, commented further on why WWE decided to publicly announce his departure on his podcast.

He said, via Ringside News: “I know they got asked by media and maybe they feel that they have a fiduciary responsibility to answer questions from investors or the media regarding somebody who has definitely said that they’re not going to be there you know starting in May.


"Or they just wanted to own the narrative and it’s a very big story. It’s a top, top guy for the last five-plus years and there’s a report out there, an incredible report hopefully I can say that he had rejected their contract offer.

“I mean can they ignore it? I’m sure there’s an internal discussion. It doesn’t come up much that a story of that magnitude gets out there without their controlling it.

"So maybe putting the statement out was just a way to grab the reins and say, ‘Alright we’re a little in control of this because we’re going to own what the truth is.”


It's unclear what WWE has planned for Ambrose next, as they haven't been in this kind of situation for some time with one of their biggest stars soon departing.

However, you wouldn't think WWE would faze him out completely, as The Lunatic Fringe has been one of the company's top stars in the past five years. He should still have a match at WrestleMania despite his upcoming departure.

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