Nia Jax debunks Jerry Lawler's claim that R-Truth was furious after Royal Rumble incident

Nia Jax jumped R-Truth before he could enter the Royal Rumble

When Nia Jax entered the Men's Royal Rumble at number 30 last week, there was a visible sense of shock inside Chase Field, and from the WWE Universe watching at home and on social media.

Just a few hours after failing to win the Women's equivalent, Jax jumped R-Truth on the stage and took his place.

She then eliminated Mustafa Ali, but felt the wrath of Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton in what was the first sighting of the men fighting back against the women in WWE since 2010.

That few minutes may have made Jax a bigger star than she already was, and despite not being that popular with the fans recently due to her injuring Becky Lynch before Survivor Series, she absolutely nailed her role at the Rumble.

What followed though was very surprising, as WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler claimed on his podcast that Truth was hunting Jax down backstage after the match because she had allegedly hurt him in the beat-down after his entrance.

WWE actually filmed a segment for their YouTube channel where it looked like Truth was jokingly looking for Nia with Titus O'Neil, and some fans thought 'The King' had gotten his wires crossed.

And Jax has now responded to Lawler's claims with a single tweet that seemingly debunks the rumours once and for all.

Seems like there's no problem from either end judging by the pictures.

Nia Jax has brushed off claims that R-Truth has heat with her after the Royal Rumble

There's every chance Lawler will be pressured by WWE fans now to explain his earlier comments, but it may just be best left forgotten about now.

WWE teased more intergender wrestling last week on Raw after Jax forcefully knocked Dean Ambrose out of the ring.

What are the odds that we will one day soon get an actual match between Nia and a male superstar? It looks likely to happen, and no-one really saw this shift in dynamic coming in the PG Era.

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