Why Kurt Angle should have one last WrestleMania match before retiring from wrestling

Kurt Angle

When Kurt Angle returned to WWE television back in 2017 as the Raw General Manager, it always felt like a temporary measure in-place of an inevitable in-ring return.

And that comeback eventually happened later that year, becoming an honorary member of The Shield for the evening at TLC after Roman Reigns went down with an illness.

It led to him taking part in the Raw v SmackDown Survivor Series match and also a tag bout at WrestleMania with Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

His performance in that match was arguably the best out of the three, even though The Game, one year younger than Angle, carried him for a large part.

Recently though, the Olympic Gold Medalists stints in the ring have been pretty disappointing, which have included a loss on Raw to Baron Corbin and lasting just a few minutes in the Royal Rumble match.

And with the WWE and Angle confirming himself that he will address his future live on Raw tonight, it's got the fans thinking what it could really be about.

Whatever it may be, the right decision would be to surely go out fighting at WrestleMania 35.

You just can't have Angle announce he's quitting on an episode of Raw, his status is too high for that to happen.

Kurt Angle's announcement that he will address his future on Raw tonight has got fans speculating what may happen

What could transpire however is him hinting at giving a retirement speech, only to be interrupted by someone. Who that might be though is anyone's guess.

You could have Angle and The Undertaker have a double retirement match at the Metlife Stadium, or maybe John Cena and Kurt going at it one last time.

But it would be a perfect way to bow out by putting a younger superstar in the spotlight - potentially a Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor or even an NXT upstart like Velveteen Dream.

At 50 years of age though, we know Angle doesn't have long left as an active wrestler, and 2019 just very may well be the final year the fans get to chant 'you suck'.

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