Liverpool fan 'debunks the stat' claiming they've scored 11 offside goals this season

West Ham United v Liverpool FC - Premier League

It’s fair to say the officials didn’t have the greatest night during West Ham’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Monday night.

In the first half, assistant referee Simon Beck was in the firing line.

He failed to spot James Milner standing in an offside position before he set-up Sadio Mane for the opening goal of the match.

Beck then flagged Mohamed Salah offside later in the half when he was clearly onside.

Then, in injury-time, the other assistant referee, Matthew Wilkes, adjudged Divock Origi to be onside when replays showed he wasn’t.

It Origi had scored, there would have been uproar.

Rival fans were left scratching their heads wondering how Liverpool had got away with two blatant offsides.


And it led to a ‘stat’ emerging that Liverpool have benefitted from 11 offside goals this season.

A tweet sent by a Manchester City claimed that Liverpool have scored 11 offside goals and been awarded nine penalties.

He went on to say: “If they don’t win the title that has been gift wrapped by Scudamore then the whole football world will never stop laughing at them.”

The tweet went viral with more than 3,000 retweets and it was even picked up by the media.

But is it true?

Well, a Liverpool fan - with plenty of time on their hands - has attempted to ‘debunk’ that stat.

They have created a Reddit thread looking at every Liverpool goal they’ve scored this season.

The conclusion?

That Liverpool have scored just three offside goals.


The first one goal during the first game of the season against…West Ham. Liverpool were already 2-0 up when Roberto Firmino's pass found Mane, who was in an offside position. Liverpool went on to win 4-0.


The next offside goal came during Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Bournemouth in December.

It was the opening goal of the match as Firmino’s long-range shot was put away by Salah, who was standing offside.


And the third and final offside goal Liverpool have benefited from this season was on Monday at the London Stadium against West Ham.


That includes Liverpool’s 25 Premier League games and eight Champions League, Carabao Cup and FA Cup matches as well.

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