Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar's stats when they both turned 27


Birthdays in football don't come any bigger than February 5.

It's quite the coincidence that Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar were born on the exact same date, with both players widely acknowledged as two of the finest of their generation.

Ronaldo will rightfully take his place in the conversation of the greatest player ever, making history across spells with Manchester United, Real Madrid and now Juventus.

The Portuguese has amassed a stunning 592 goals across 793 appearances in his club career and has won as many Champions League trophies as he has Ballon d'Or titles.

If it wasn't for his enthralling rivalry with Lionel Messi, the 34-year-old would have dominated almost every competition for the last 10 years. 

Neymar and Ronaldo's shared birthday

Meanwhile, Neymar has already established himself as a truly great player but needs to go that extra mile to cement himself as a legend of the game.

Many turned their nose up at his decision to leave Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, yet his astonishing goal-scoring record with Brazil sees him creeping up on none other than Pele.

However, the Brazilian definitely has age on his side and while this week saw Ronaldo tread further into his thirties, Neymar stepped into his prime at the age of 27. 


Ronaldo vs Neymar at 27

But it would be unfair to take a direct comparison of Ronaldo and Neymar when they are seven years apart in age and at very different stages of their career.

Yet with their latest birthday drawing the perfect juncture for contrast, stats have been extrapolated from Transfermarkt to see exactly how Ronaldo was faring at Neymar's age.

That way, football fans can get a rough idea of whether Neymar will be setting the same records and statistics when he reaches Ronaldo's age. The full statistics can be read down below:  

Well, well, well.

So Neymar has scored more goals, provided more assists and won more trophies than Ronaldo had at the age of 27 and all that in fewer games.

It's no slight on Ronaldo because his statistics are still remarkable, but it goes to show that Neymar could match him record for record by the time 2026 rolls around.

The only category where Ronaldo has the advantage is Ballon d'Or victories, yet you could argue that the Portuguese was facing much weaker nominees during the 2008 ceremony. 


That being said, it doesn't reflect well on Neymer when he was playing Call of Duty during the latest incarnation, in which he finished twelfth.

But say what you like about Neymar and there are certainly causes for criticism, but his statistics speak for themselves and it shows he could go on to achieve remarkable things.

He could probably do with Messi and Ronaldo stepping aside first, mind.

Do you think Neymar's achievements are underrated? Have your say in the comments section below.

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