Video claims to highlight 10 things Cristiano Ronaldo can do that Lionel Messi hasn't


There will never be a point where football fans agree on who the better player is between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s the ultimate debate, and one that divides fans like no other.

Chelsea legend John Terry recently weighed in with his own opinion, which he delivered very well.

“I always say Messi for pure natural talent! But any young footballer out there follow and work as hard as Ronaldo does will have a chance. Two phenomenons," Terry wrote on Instagram.

Both players have entered their thirties now and it might just be easiest if we enjoy them both while we can.

That’s wishful thinking.

YouTube account Genius Production has stoked the flames by creating a lengthy video that claims to show 10 things that Ronaldo can do that Messi hasn’t.

Real Madrid v Barcelona - La Liga

Things Ronaldo can do that Messi hasn't

The 10 things are as follows:

1. Win an international trophy

2. Score long-range knuckleball goals

3. Score stepover goals

4. Score chop goals

5. Score backheel goals

6. Score bicycle kick goals

7. Score headers

8. Score a hat-trick in the World Cup against a major national team

9. Score a hat-trick in the Club World Cup final

10. Score a perfect hat-trick

Of course, the list isn’t entirely accurate. Messi scored a header for Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League final.

But it’s bound to leave Ronaldo fans happy.

Ronaldo’s success with Portugal at Euro 2016 remains a contentious subject.

The Juventus star was subbed off in the 25th minute in the final against France after suffering a knee injury.

His critics still use his lack of involvement in the match to discredit the achievement.

“You really included ‘win an international tournament with Portugal’ lmfao he wasn't on the field, Ronaldo led them to the final that's it, Messi's done that 4 times,” read one of the comments on YouTube.

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