Pep Guardiola explains why he didn't name Real Madrid as the best team of the last decade


When Pep Guardiola named Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus as the three best clubs of the last decade, he probably didn't expect to create the storm that he did.

Pep made the comments in passing and challenged Manchester City to match the accomplishments of those sides. 

But, unsurprisingly, his choices caught the attention of some in the Spanish capital who believe that his comments were disrespectful to Real Madrid.   

The press were quick to point out Los Blancos should have at least been mentioned in the conversation as they've won the Champions League four times in the last 10 years. 

As well as causing a stir in the media, Guardiola's comments also irked current Real manager Santiago Solari, who suggested he said it to provoke a reaction. 

"I think the omission of Real Madrid is deliberate," Solari responded. 

"But we are not going to argue about one decade or another when Real Madrid is the best club of the century, and in history."


His suggestion that Guardiola 'deliberately' left Los Blancos out of his list appeared to be the end of the row. But that isn't the case. 

Everton FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Ahead of City's clash with Chelsea on Sunday, Pep hosted his pre-match press conference and the topic of his back-and-forth with Solari came up. 

Rather than shutting down the feud as many would expect him to do - especially ahead of a big game, the Catalan actually continued it.

When a journalist told Guardiola that many are praising his City side as the best in Europe, he took his opportunity to hit back at Solari and Real supporters. 

Real Madrid v Girona - Copa del Rey Quarter Final


"Thank you so much, but I will be nice for the Madrid supporters, who are upset with me, who are saying the best team in Europe is Real Madrid," Guardiola responded in his press conference.

"Because in the last three years they won and I think they are the best team by far in Europe in the last decade, and the best team is Real Madrid." 

So, the Man City boss has accepted that Madrid are, and have been, the best team in the Champions League in recent seasons.

Real Madrid Celebrate After Victory In The Champions League Final Against Liverpool

But, he went on to stand by the comments he made last month and explained why he doesn't rate them as highly as Juve, Barca or Bayern - and took one final pop at Solari. 


"Real Madrid [are] not the best team of the decade when you count leagues and cups and the other ones," he continued.

"Because Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich won six or seven times and they [Madrid] won two.

Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Premier League

"I am pretty sure that Solari now understands my answer better. I am pretty sure they are happy now with me."

With Guardiola aiming another dig at his Madrid rival for not understanding what he meant, don't be surprised if Solari hits back again too because this row between the pair could be far from over.  

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