Kyle Sinkler causes stir after slapping Arthur Iturria during play at Twickenham

England v France - Guinness Six Nations

Kyle Sinckler caused controversy today by slapping France’s Arthur Iturria on the head during play.

Sinckler, the English prop, hit Iturria's scrum cap mere minutes after the half-time break during the Six Nations game at Twickenham Stadium.

The immature action caused players from both sides to push, shove and sledge before Welsh referee Nigel Owens stepped in to reassert control of the match.

After consulting the video referee and footage, it was clear that Sinckler started the push and shove by slapping Arthur Iturria during the scrum.

Owens then spoke to Sinckler and English captain Owen Farrell regarding the incident.

Owens asked Sinckler, who stood alongside captain Owen Farrell for the telling off, "Are you all cool now so we can speak?"

After stating that he calmed down, Sinckler listened to referee Owens’ take on the situation.

"I did speak to you back in the last scrum about rugby values," Owens said. Sinckler nodded in agreement.

"The footage I've got there is you smacking him in the scrum cap when there's no need to do it.


"The penalty is going to go against you. You can play as hard as you want, but you play fair and you play within the values of the game.

"Let that be the end of it. fair enough?"

Sinckler respectfully responded 'yes sir' before France were handed the penalty.

Even though this incident caused a mild stir, many are calling it petulant and unnecessary as England were well in control of the game, eventually beating the French 44-8 in what was a bruising affair.

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