The planned live event match between Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax has been 'cancelled'

Dean Ambrose and Nia Jax

WWE fans still cannot get over the sudden transformation of Nia Jax, who is trying to dominate the male superstars in recent weeks.

Ever since she entered the Men's Royal Rumble, Jax has seemingly got a massive chip on her shoulder, and she took her anger out on Dean Ambrose by knocking him out of the ring the night after the Rumble on Monday Night Raw.

That led to another showdown last week, this time verbally, and lots of fans have been assuming that intergender wrestling is going to be making a return to WWE because of these interactions.

Well according to advertisements that went out earlier in the week regarding a live event on February 22 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the match card that was shown looked to have one incredibly interesting bout on it.

That match would be between Ambrose and Jax in an 'intergender special attraction' collision.

Fans will remember that Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth had a match on SmackDown in 2017 but it was merely a comedy bout with Lynch picking up the win, but the Ambrose and Jax feud has been teased as something a bit more serious.

An update on the situation though could mean that we never get to see it happen despite the adverts.

Nia Jax's antics in WWE in recent weeks have led to the speculation that intergender wrestling may return to WWE

The Wrestling Observer and Post Wrestling have been told by sources, per Cageside Seats, that the promotional work for the live event is 'outdated' and the match between the two will no longer be happening.

All that uproar for absolutely nothing.

Judging by his recent booking where he lost to the debuting EC3 on Raw, Ambrose would have probably lost to Jax as he gets set to leave the WWE in April.

Dean Ambrose was advertised to take on Jax in a match at a live event on February 22 but this is now not happening

At this rate, he may not have a match at WrestleMania, there's every chance Vince McMahon could be punishing him for making the huge decision to walk away.

A match with Jax would've been extremely interesting to see where WWE would push the boundaries to when it comes to men versus women wrestling, but we may never get to see that occur now.

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