Charlotte Flair takes most dislikes on a WWE YouTube video title off Roman Reigns


Not all superstars can drum up as much hatred by the WWE fans as much as Roman Reigns did when he was heavily pushed in the main event scene over the past few years.

However, Charlotte Flair might be about to take that mantel away from The Big Dog after what happened at the end of Monday Night Raw this week.

Despite Becky Lynch apologizing for attacking Triple H and Stephanie McMahon the week before, Vince McMahon handed her a 60-day suspension and removed from her match at WrestleMania vs Ronda Rousey because she thinks she's bigger than WWE.

The WWE Chairman then decided to use his powers and book Charlotte into the match instead of Becky which brought an end to the show as The Man stood alongside Ronda in the ring.

This decision didn't go down well with many WWE fans, and they have made their feelings known in the highlight video of the segment which WWE posted onto their YouTube channel.

The video has now broken a record previously held by Roman Reigns for most dislikes on a WWE YouTube video.

The Roman Reigns video that she beat was the one where The Big Dog gloated following his win over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 where he said that WWE was his yard now. That video has 38,000 dislikes.

Charlotte's video from this week's Raw, however, has 63,000 dislikes as of writing, and it is still growing.

The hate for The Queen has spread over to the video of her opening promo on SmackDown Live last night where she stated that she will dedicate her WrestleMania win to Becky. That video currently has 12,000 dislikes as of writing.

Give Charlotte Credit

That being said, it's time to also give Charlotte the credit which she deserves.

While it may seem like WWE is just dropping her in a title match without earning it, she's one of the best workers in the company inside the ring in the women's division.


While her mic skills have been questionable at times, they have improved over the years, and last night's SmackDown promo was an example of just how good of a heel she can be, as she worked the crowd well.

WWE will give the fans what they desire eventually by putting Becky back in the Raw Women's title match at WrestleMania, they just need to have a little bit of faith in their booking and enjoy the process.

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